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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 17 January 2011

Movie Title



Suresh Krishna

Star Cast

Pa Vijay, Kushboo, Meera Jasmine, Namitha, Remya, Vadivelu

Two of the greats of Tamil cinema, Chief Minister M Karunanidhi, one of the best script writers ever and commercial hit director Suresh Krishna who made Rajinikanth blockbusters like Annamalai and Baasha are coming together for the first time in Ilaignan.

Though the combination has potential, the film does not work mainly due to an out dated and clich?d storyline and presentation. It is a period film set in 1959 Madras, but looks as though it is a 100 years earlier. The cars seen in the film and the costumes worn look ancient. Did slave labour exist during that period in independent India?

Ship building, during pre-independence with cheap labour used to thrive on the southern coastline. A kind hearted Deivanayagam (Sharat Babu) used to run Rajanayagam Shipbuilding Company in the Coromandel Coast. Now he has retired and has given control to his son Rajanayagam (Suman) who is devil incarnated.

He lives in a palace like bungalow along with his evil queen Sena (Namitha). They run the ship building yard using slave labour controlled by a thug Kalia (Rajendran). Arockiasamy (Nassar) is an alcoholic, a ship builder with communist ideology whose wife Valli Amma (Kushboo) is the epitome of goodness. Their son is Karky (named after Maxim Gorky), after the brutal murder of his father by Rajanayagam becomes a sort of union leader who fights for the rights of the workers.

A rich Chettiyar?s daughter Remaya (Remya Nambisan) is madly in love with him. Meanwhile Devanayagam?s London educated daughter Meera (Meera Jasmine) arrives to look after her ailing father who is killed by her brother! How Meera joins forces with Karky and other workers to bring down Rajanayagam?s and Sena?s evil empire forms the rest of the story.

The film is made like an old fashioned steamy tear jerker where good triumphs over evil in the last reel. Characters and milieu look early 20th century, they speak loudly as though they are on a stage without mikes. There are five songs in the film tuned by Vidyasagar, two of them are dream songs shot in Switzerland and Venice with lead pair!

Comedy is injected into the narration through a Vadivel track. In one scene with his spiked hair Vadivel character a horse cart driver dreams of tickling the backside of Namitha who is sleeping! There are some barbed political lines thrown by the hero at Namitha character, which gets some whistles in the theatre, as the references are obvious.

Action scenes are all over the top and the much hyped ship looks like cardboard. Pa Vijay tries to be a Rajinikanth and Vijay rolled into one. Less said about other characters the better.

Verdict- Below Average

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