Ilaiyaraaja: Our industry doesn’t have composers now!

Last Updated: Mon, Jan 07, 2019 10:53 hrs

While interacting with the college students in Chennai, veteran music composer Ilaiyaraaja said: “These days, you can’t call anyone as a composer because they simply get the CD of others works and replicating it here. But those days, we should compose original songs. I can compose music for various situations”.

This comment of Ilaiyaraaja on today’s musicians has equally earned positive and negative comments on the internet. A few say that Ilaiyaraaja is right because the current generation music composers are spoiling the soul of music with electronic instruments while others are opposing Ilaiyaraaja saying that the veteran should stop such self-bragging in future.

Ilaiyaraaja is currently busy preparing for his concert to raise funds for Tamil Film Producers Council.