Ilayaraja review: A feel good tale with noble intentions

Ilayaraja has its moments and the visuals are good

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Wednesday 12 June 2019

Movie Title

Ilayaraja review: A feel good tale with noble intentions


Madhav Ramadasan

Star Cast

Guinness Pakru, Harisree Ashokan

Director Madhav Ramadasan, who made the well appreciated Melvilasom and Apothecary earlier, has narrated the story of a peanut seller from a modest background in Ilayaraja.

Vanajan (Guinness Pakru) is living by the side of a railway track in a small house with his father (played by Harisree Ashokan), ailing wife and two children, Subru and Ambu. The kids help Vanajan in selling peanuts, as they park their cart near the Paramekkavu Bhagavathy temple in Thrissur round.

A local moneylender torments Vanajan, when he fails to pay the due instalment. When he goes to Vanajan’s home, he finds a chessboard there and comes up with an offer. If he is defeated by the peanut seller, the interest would be waived. As it happens, the moneylender loses the game.

The battle gets serious then as the moneylender then challenges Vanajan’s son Subru to play a game of chess against his son. The excellent skill of Subru earns him admission at a plush International school. But things doesn’t turn easy for him there as hostile kids and some teachers plot against the poor boy.

The story then develops as Vanajan’s daughter Ambu proves her excellence in ‘Spelling Bee’. 

Madhav Ramadasan narrates the story in a rather conventional way with lots of melodrama, using music to good effect. The visuals are good. 

Guinness Pakru is convincing as the peanut seller, who never loses his confidence even while facing tough times. Harisree Ashokan and the child artistes are fine. The rest of the cast have also performed in a nice way.

Ilayaraja is a feel good tale with noble intentions. It may not perhaps cater much to those loving loud, fast paced entertainers, but has its moments that suits the family crowds. 

Ilayaraja review: A feel good tale

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