Love Express review: Of Punjabis and a wedding!

Love Express review: Of Punjabis and a wedding!

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By: Sonia Chopra

Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 11 June 2011

Movie Title

Love Express review: Of Punjabis and a wedding!


Sunny Bhambani

Star Cast

Wahoo Mehta, Mannat Ravi, Om Puri

No foreign locations, no stars, no heavy-duty publicity. The film doesn?t have all these, but what it does have, as far as mainstream film ingredients go, are Punjabis and a wedding.

Two close friends decide their children should be married. The NRI boy Kanav (Sahil Mehta) and Amritsar girl Ashneet (Mannat Ravi) are vehemently against this forced match. The entire marriage party comprising the bride, groom, their families, assorted aunts and uncles, is travelling from Amritsar to Mumbai for the wedding. The story develops en route the train journey.

The to-be-married couple decides to take extreme steps to break the marriage. Their juvenile tricks eventually work. But it also creates animosity between their families. Both sides are extremely heart-broken and upset.

Dadaji (Om Puri) meanwhile summons Ashneet?s ex-boyfriend and decides she?ll marry him. But Ashneet isn?t thrilled. Surprisingly, after their marriage is broken, Kanav and Ashneet are missing each other.

The story, though predictable, is charming. The newcomers are incredibly confident. Mannat Ravi who plays the bride has beautiful, expressive eyes and appears a confident performer. Sahil Mehta has an easy screen presence and does fairly well. Even the supporting cast like the actor who plays the bride?s mother and the actors who play the couple?s friends are very good.

Debut director Sunny Bhambani makes a film he?s hoping will appeal to the older viewers and 'family audience'. But even those looking for a shot of nostalgia have moved on to familiar stories being packaged snazzily.

With a modest production design and old-school storytelling, the film is likely to be written off as being archaic. Characters like the gossipy aunts and one who looks like Cinderella?s step-mom add to the viewer?s woes.

The sound design is competent, though the dubbing goes awry in the second half. Dialogue is pedestrian with some good lines here and there. Dadaji?s take on love is funny in the film?s context, ?Train ki keemat maloom chalti hai jab train nikal jai.? (You understand the value of the train when you miss it.)

Films like these were the Bollywood staple a few years back, and honestly, this film could have worked at that time. In today?s times, such films need to be better packaged and publicized to attract the urban viewer.

Go for it only if you?re in the mood for a simple, occasionally charming, and highly improbable romantic movie.

Verdict: Two stars

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