Love you to Death review: Fun, quirky comedy

Quirky humour is the film's trump card.

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By: Sonia Chopra

Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 04 February 2012

Movie Title

Love you to Death review: Fun, quirky comedy


Rafeeq Ellias

Star Cast

Yuli Ellias, Chandan Roy Sanyal, Suhasini Mulay, Nicholas Brown

She?s an air-headed heiress who?s really easy to like. Because despite the flightiness, Sonia (Yuli Ellias) means well. We let out a sigh for her as she constantly depends on a tarot card reader for all her life?s problems including the dog?s insomnia (?baby ki aura-cleaning chalu rakhna?).

Her husband Atul (Chandan Roy Sanyal) and in-laws are financially dependant on her, and every small cheque requires her signature. Besides, the husband has been having problems of ?missile failure? in the bedroom and a trip to a sexologist leads to a hilarious song sung by the doctor.

This kind of quirky humour is the film?s trump card. Unfortunately, the laughs get diluted as the story folds in a more deadly plot. The reason Atul is so distraught about his non-performance in the bedroom are strict instructions by his mother (Suhasini Mulay) to get Sonia pregnant.

The idea is to subtly usurp her wealth that includes a sparking piece of property lying unused. Atul meets with a partner for a new project and needs just that kind of land. Having recently met John (Nicholas Brown), a solar power enthusiast, Sonia has decided to donate the property towards his cause. Now, Atul and his conniving mother have only one option to get to the property?to plan Sonia?s accidental death. The finale?one involving a loaded gun with several fakes floating around?is nail-biting and super-fun.

The film, directed by cinematographer-director Rafeeq Ellias, attempts a dark comedy and succeeds intermittently. Where it falters are the loose ends?why does Sonia continue living with her husband when she knows he wants her dead? Why does she cook a seven-course meal only to lead her husband and mother-in-law to the table so she can confront them alone?

Then again, the film delights in its quirky characters. There?s the theatre veteran doubling up as a hit-man who considers both an equal art form. There?s the mother-in-law with murderous intent who loves playing video games with the house-help, who in turn is full of surprises.

The dialogue throbs with delicious black wit. One of this writer?s favourite lines from the movie is the mother-in-law defending the hit-man?s failed attack on Sonia with, ?Woh log ethical aur shareef hain. Unpe phir bharosa kiya ja sakta hai? (those people are ethical and honest, we can trust them again).

Love you to Death is filled with little gems such as these, coupled with some superb acting. Unfortunately the rest of the film doesn?t keep up and meanders into inexplicable threads. Still, worth a watch for those who savour experimental, dark comedies.

Rating: Two and a half stars

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