Maduve Mane review: A surprise package

Maduve Mane review: A surprise package

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By: By Vijaya Sarathy RG

Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 04 November 2011

Movie Title

Maduve Mane review: A surprise package


Sunil Kumar Singh

Star Cast

Ganesh, Shradhdha Arya, Avinash, Spoorthi, Sharan, Tabla Naani, Hanumanthe Gowda

Madvue Mane starring Ganesh and directed by debutant Sunil Kumar Singh comes as a surprise.

The film is certainly an unexpected bonanza for the Kannada film viewers who are flooded with remakes and mediocre original films.

Sunil Kumar Singh has come out as a winner in his first film which has an engaging script and a tight narration. The gripping second half, good visuals, competent performance and some well choreographed songs sets it a class apart from Ganesh`s recent releases.

The director has shown that with a good story and a dependable script, a competent film can be made with a tight budget. In a way his screenplay is the real winner as you don`t find a dull moment. The story is not unusual or fresh, but the script certainly is.

Singh shows his prowess as a writer with the dialogues touching both the extremes, the witty Ganesh style to the heart touching sentimental variety. He has also been greatly assisted by the superb camera by Shekhar Chandra, crisp editing by Soundar Rajan and the three neat compositions of Manikanth Khadri.

The movie revolves around Sonu`s marriage to an encounter specialist Dushyanth. Sooraj is also a part of the celebrations. When a surprise call rattles Dushyanth he asks Sorraj to take Sonu away.

The two songs could have been placed at different stages in the movie. The back ground score could have been a little more effective.

Ganesh scores well as a performer. He is at his comical best in the first half, but is equally brilliant as a performer in the second. He is lively in his dialogue delivery, but shows his class effectively in sentimental sequences.

Shradhdha Arya adds some glamour quotient to the film, but she needs to work on her acting skills. Avinash does a wonderful job. Sharan and Tabla Nani`s comedy is passable. Shekhar Chandru proves again as to why he can be counted as the top directors of cinematography in the Kannada film industry.

Manikanth Khadri`s songs are well composed. The sharp cuts by editor Soundar raise the tempo of the film. Maduve Mane is a neat, class presentation of a well written script.

Rating: Three and a half stars.

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