Makkhi review: Super fun!

Makkhi review: Super fun!

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By: Sonia Chopra

Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 15 October 2012

Movie Title

Makkhi review: Super fun!


S S Rajamouli

Star Cast

Sudeep, Samantha Ruth Prabhu, Nani

The film is seriously cute when we see our protagonist - a wide-eyed, sinewy housefly rubbing its hands in glee before attacking its subject or lifting ear-buds for exercise.

The workout is to get him in shape for revenge.

Cool enough to own protective sun-glasses and mini-weapons, the fly is also able to communicate by writing out words. (Why the fly does not do that more often, is not explained.)

And now for the absurd, and sadly simplistic story. The film, a dubbed Hindi version of Eega, which was released earlier in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam, has our little big hero the housefly as its protagonist.

Furious that his object of affection Bindu (Samantha) is in love with simpleton Jani (Naveen) , baddie (Sudeep) kills him off. Next we see Jani reborn as an insect. We are first introduced to the trials and tribulations of his life as a fly - running away from gushing water when the wing is stuck, escaping hungry birds and protecting itself from getting stamped on (loads of visual gimmickry here).

Once our makkhi gets into the groove, it goes straight for the kill. That?s where the fun starts. Starting with innocuously bothering the baddie by buzzing around and not letting him sleep, the makkhi gets more dangerous and even causes an accident. The best part of the film is the makkhi whose mischievous-turning-into-Machiavellian stance is great fun.

Far cleverer than when it was in human form, the makkhi outsmarts the villain in more ways than one. But be warned, apart from the makkhi that has been created with love ? both technically and concept-wise - the story remains the age-old love triangle with very obvious good and bad characters.

And you can?t get more unsubtle than the makkhi writing out in bold letters, 'I will kill you' to the villain.

Technically, the film is a treat. In this carefully crafted 'live-action' film, the makkhi dances, flies, cries and emotes with gusto! The film is great for kids, but a few violent scenes and the tantric mumbo-jumbo are glaringly inappropriate for children.

Writer-director S S Rajamouli gives us a film that has the delicious over-the-top flavor of South Indian mainstream cinema coupled with technical bravado, and a hero that's as adorable as it is brave.

Apart from the lack of subtlety and a too-basic handling of the story, the film is great fun. Recommended!

Rating: 3 stars

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