Market: Routine stuff well shot

Market: Routine stuff well shot

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 13 September 2003

Movie Title

Market: Routine stuff well shot



Star Cast

Manisha Koirala
Suman Ranganathan
Aryan Vaid
Shwetha Menon

Jayprakash's Market is a film about flesh trade and how a woman is trapped into it.

Muskaan Bano (Manisha) is a prostitute in the infamous Mehendi Bazaar in Hyderabad. She has had a tragic past and she and her family were duped by a rich Arab, Abdul Sataar, who married her for her body and then ditched her. She goes to the court against him and to fight the legal battle she takes to flesh trade.

Her father (Vallabh Vyas) commits suicide...even her uncle wants to sleep with her. However, after eight years she loses the battle and unfortunately for her, even the Mehndi Bazaar is closed as the government puts a full stop to the business.

She lands in Bombay where she stays in a hotel. She soon gets arrested as the police raid the place. The inspector Sawant (Sayaji Shinde) sleeps with her and hands her over to Juicy, who is a famous pimp. She meets Isha (Shwetha Menon) and Lisa (Suman Ranganathan), who transform her into an up-market call girl. Thus she enters into a different identity with a different name - Mallika.

She meets Babloo Pandey (Aryan Vaid), an underworld don. Babloo falls in love with Mallika and even proposes marriage to her, but she refuses. Meanwhile, Isha is killed.

Muskaan and Lisa leave for Dubai for a show where they stay with the underworld don Yashwant Anna (Govind Namdeo). She once again bumps into her old enemy Abdul Sataar, and this time around she wants him dead. However, Anna takes a `supari` of Rs 5 crores to kill him.

The first half of the film is treated in a realistic manner and some of the scenes are eye-openers. The sequences where girls are sold, raped and even physically and verbally abused have been shot well. Even the Hyderabadi language and the cops are shown real and are believable. But once the film moves on to Mumbai and Dubai the real problem starts. The film takes a completely different turn when the romantic angle starts.

The pre-climax is very long and does not have any relevance to the film. No doubt, a don in Dubai is very realistic, the beer bars and the encounters that the police do, the way the criminals behave, everything is realistic but apart from that nothing impresses. The climax is very heartening and Manisha does a perfect job, while killing the Sataar who has been responsible for all the wrong things in life.

The film has some very average music by Altaf Raja. `Meri galli mein tera ana' and `Khaliwali` will work well. Cinematography is with the mood of the film. Editing could have been much better. Dialogues are realistic. The story, though not novel, has been treated in a very realistic way.

Mainsha Koirala performs with a great self-belief. Not for one moment does she look uneasy and uncomfortable, in spite of the language. Suman Ranganathan is just about average. Shwetha Menon looks glamorous. Sayaji Shinde impresses. Makrand Deshpande, as Anthony who kills Isha, does his part well. Govind Namdeo is routine. Pankaj Berry and Vallabh Vyas fit the bill. However, it is Aryan Vaid who takes the cake. Although, he does not get very conventional debut, he leaves his mark.

Director Jaiprakash makes his mark till he relies on realism, but once he makes the film into a fantasy; the film loses its track. The film fails in the second half and disappoints. At the Box-Office, the film might appeal to the masses and will do well in Bombay and some parts of Maharashtra. Business in the B and C class centers will be the best.

Kunal Shah
India Syndicate

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