My Friend Ganesh 3 review: A cumbersome story

My Friend Ganesh 3 review: A cumbersome story

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By: Sonia Chopra

Critic's Rating: 3/5

Tuesday 06 April 2010

Movie Title

My Friend Ganesh 3 review: A cumbersome story


Rajiv Ruia

Star Cast

Rahul Pendalkar, Sayaji Shinde, Himani Shivpuri, Eva Grover

One of the main sources of attempted comedy in the film (it?s the third of the Ganesha animation series) is a character that sleazily hits on every woman he comes across. From the Maharashtrian nine-yard saree to the skirt-wearing lawyer ? every woman is targeted and one wonders how this crude humour found its way in a children?s film. Reminds one of another kids? movie where there was more than one item number, animated too.

The story is cumbersome. A young boy called Ganesh (Rahul Pendalkar) is being brought up by his uncle (Sayaji Shinde) and aunt (Himani Shivpuri), an evil duo with a propensity to dress over-the-top. These caricatures of villains mean business when it comes to torturing little Ganesh. In one instance, and the film shows it in all its gory detail, the aunt burns his hand over his own birthday cake candle. Knowing how fond children are of birthdays and everything related, this scene is striking for its ability to traumatise. On running away from home, Ganesh meets a friendly woman Gangu Tai (Eva Grover) who has been pining away for a child; in fact, just before they met, she was asking Lord Ganesh to fulfil her wish. Having found a loving mom, Ganesh is finally happy. His aunt and uncle, fearing losing the monthly grant they receive to raise him, start searching. Now, Ganesh, having found a loving home, doesn?t want to go back to the torture house. Helping him in this is a friend just materialised out of thin air. Cherubic Lord Ganesh will now be his guide in achieving this goal; and he does it by creating our young protagonist?s alter ego that teaches the aunt and uncle a lesson or two.

So you have the aunt trying to beat him with a stick but the weapon getting stuck in mid-air, a snake causing havoc in the house, and so on. Nothing that is likely to impress today?s savvy kids. Songs are fine; their picturisation is tacky. This lack of finesse runs through the entire course of the movie.

For a film about Lord Ganesha, there?s too little of him. The first half drags on with this Cinderella-esque story of torturing relatives. The animated Ganesha doesn?t arrive till the interval of the movie, which is abysmal. There?s hardly any animation for a movie publicizing itself as one. Director Rajiv Ruia?s film is unlikely to appeal to kids on any level ? from the adult humour track, to the lack of interesting story, and the conspicuous absence of animation and Lord Ganesha.

With hardly any animation to enthral (those are the only portions we say Ganesha working his magic), the film is damp squib. Still, starved for films catering to kids, parents may just march their little ones to the nearest theatre. Be warned though, it?ll be a disappointed viewing.

Verdict: One star

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