Nammanna Don review: Ramesh Arvind is back!

Nammanna Don review: Ramesh Arvind is back!

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By: By Vijaya Sarathy RG

Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 17 February 2012

Movie Title

Nammanna Don review: Ramesh Arvind is back!


Ramesh Arvind

Star Cast

Ramesh Arvind, Mona Parasher, Sanatini, Raju Thalikote

Ramesh Arvind`s latest venture Nammanna Don has shown that this talented actor-director has lot of aces in his sleeve.

This is certainly a great come back for the director whose previous directorial venture did not go well with the audience mainly because of logical loopholes.

Nammanna Don despite being made with limited production values raises its quality quotient to a considerable level thanks to the tight screen play which has place for touching emotions and sensible humourous situations as well.

Ramesh Arvind has packaged the film with lot of curious elements as well as giving importance to human emotions without compromising on his focus, creating comical situations. Though the audience are sure to laugh in most of the situations, there are many twists in the film which will keep you glued.

Comedy is certainly Ramesh`s strength. But one thing that is striking is that everything looks natural in this film. Yes, there may be some exaggerations in the way the situations are narrated, but they look convincing on screen. The screenplay does not give room for the viewers to think, but enjoy the sequence that is being screened.

However, there are some minor flaws which could have been avoided. The night sequences could have been better.

Dr. Arjun values human values and offers free treatment to needy and poor in a corporate hospital run by a group headed by Malpani. But Malpani does not care for human values and is only interested in making money.

Tomboyish Moni loves Dr. Arjun, but she lands in trouble. Her brother, who works in another hospital, is jealous of Dr. Arjun`s popularity. You should catch the movie for the rest.

Ramesh Arvind proves his acting skills once again through this film. But the person who really scores well is Raju Thalkote who plays the role of Don. Rajendra Karanth scores well in a double role, while the comedians M.S.Umesh, Layendra, and, Sunaina Suresh have done their best.

Among the two heroines Mona Parasher is a welcome addition to the list of talented artists. Sanatini also manages to impresses. Mathews Manu`s background score and Krishna Kumar`s camera work is top class.

It makes sense to see a film like Nammanna Don which not only entertains, but also shows how important human values are.

Rating: Three stars.

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