India Pakistan-Comedy Entertainer

India Pakistan



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 09 May 2015

Movie Title

India Pakistan-Comedy Entertainer



Star Cast

Vijay Antony, Sushma Raj, Jagan, MS Baskar, Pasupathy

Comedy is serious business and Tamil cinema audiences are always known for welcoming genuine comedy films with open arms. Interestingly, Vijay Antony, the music composer turned hero who is known for serious roles has opted for a full fledged comedy entertainer with India Pakistan.

The film begins on a serious note when few goons are chasing a journalist as he has some important evidence against a deadly police officer (Sarath). Later we are introduced to Karthik (Vijay Antony) and Mellina (Sushma Raj) who are two aspiring lawyers, in search of a house and case. Due to financial issues, they decide to share the same office without knowing that they are in the same profession. And when they realize it, all hell break lose and they are always at loggerheads. They get into a deal that whoever first get their case will stay on while the other will move out!

Now both Karthik and Mellina get a case but both have to argue against each other, as both their clients Kattamuthu( Pasupathi) and Maruthu ( MS Baskar) approach them in a land dispute case. The rest of the film is all about how the case unites them both who always fight like India and Pakistan...

Director Anand has made India Pakistan in such a way that the film is highly entertaining and it happens mainly because of the characterization and dialogue deliveries of both MS Baskar and Pasupathy who rocks big time. There are no vulgar jokes and slapstick comedy.  The Nellai slang and innocent swag of both MS Baskar and Pasupathy are a treat to watch on big screen. Right from the start to end, Anand's dialogues evoke constant laughter which is the biggest strength of the movie.

Vijay Antony in his first comedy film is good. His comic timing is perfect and the role of a timid guy is justified. In the song shot abroad, he looks dapper. New girl Sushma a look-alike of Anushka( when she was 18!)  emotes well and is perfect for the role. The supporting cast Urvasi, Manobala, Jagan and Sarath of Pandiyanadu fame are all good.

Technically the film is likeable for the eye candy visuals by cinematographer Om and enjoyable numbers by music composer Dheena. On the downside, the film could have been 15 minutes shorter. India Pakistan is a pucca commercial comedy entertainer which is tailor made for family audiences

Verdict: Laugh riot

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