Indrajit review: A decent action adventure

Director Kalaa Prabhu has attempted to make an Indianized version of Indiana Jones with Indrajith

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Friday 24 November 2017

Movie Title



Kalaa Prabhu

Star Cast

Gautham Karthik, Sudanshu Pandey, Ashrita Shetty,Sachin Khedekar

Director Kalaa Prabhu has attempted to make an Indianized version of Indiana Jones with Indrajith. It is not a perfect film and will inevitably fall short of expectations, but may appeal to kids as a roller-coaster ride and a visual extravaganza.

A retired professor Mayilvaganan (Sachin Khedekar) is in search for a mystical stone which is believed to be a remedy for all diseases. He forms a team comprising youngsters and one among them is the happy-go-lucky Indrajith (Gautham Karthik).

Kapil Sharma (Sudhanshu Pandey), head of Archaeological Survey of India who knows Mayilvaganan's intentions sketches a parallel plan to follow the gang who goes in search of the stone.

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Both the teams go enter the deep interior forest of Arunachal Pradesh. The locations are breathtaking, the visuals are endearing and the film's hero Gautham Karthik is hyper energetic but the screenplay fails along with amateurish making. There film lacks continuity in a lot of scenes and the hero achieves everything without really facing any hurdle.

Gautham Karthik suits the character of a fearless adventurous young man and his energy levels and comic timing are good. Due to the delay in production, Gautham's looks differ in many sequences.Technically, the film looks grand, thanks to the stellar visuals of Rasamathi and powerful background score by KP. Even the graphics are just about ok.

To conclude, Indrajith is a fantasy action adventure film, a rare genre in Tamil cinema. If you like full-throttle action and humour then give it a try.

Indrajit review- Verdict : A decent action adventure

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