Nuvilla review: Nothing new

Nuvilla review: Nothing new

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 04 November 2011

Movie Title

Nuvilla review: Nothing new


Ravi Babu

Star Cast

Avish, Ajay, Prasad Barvi, Yami Gowtam, Sarayu, Ramya, Kishore, Sudhakara Raju, Priyadarshini, Bhargavi, Atulith, and others

A group of friends - Anand, Mahesh, Raju - work as pizza delivery boys to earn some money before settling in the life.

Anand (Ajay) falls for the charms of girl next-door Archana (Yami Gowtham), who is in love with another guy. Mahesh (Avish), a wannabe model loves Madhavi (Sarayu) but they soon break-up over a petty issue.

On the other hand, Raju (Prasad Barvi), a musician, who hates his childhood friend Rani (Ramya) ends up marrying her. Rest of the movie is all about how they realize their true love.

By now, most of us in the audience are familiar with Ravi Babu`s brand of "youthful" movies that are filled with characters who seek love, parents who are either too friendly with their children or too strict with them.

Usage of this generation`s language, depiction of today`s lifestyle and some comedy scenes are positive aspects of the movie. But the lengthy gay episode in second half tests the patience of the audience. First half of the movie ends in a jiffy, while second half fails to sustain the momentum.

Nuvvila stars newcomers. Ajay in the role of Anand looks promising; Prasad Barvi provides some comedy especially with his lisping, Avish as an aspiring model who is harassed by a gay is `ok`.

Hindi television actress Yami Gowtham is pretty good in the lead role and is also charming, while Ramya scores with her expressions and acting skills. The guy who did the gay role is good.

The film also has guest appearances by several music directors including Keeravani, Koti, Chakri, RP Patnaik, and Kalyani Malik. Sunil introduces the new actors with his voice over.

Among technical crew, only cameraman Sudhakar Reddy`s work is appreciable. The artwork is more like for corporate film of Ramoji Group with too much of in-branding of the corporate group. Except for the title song, Sekhar Chandra disappoints. Ravi Babu`s writing is average.

In a nutshell, Nuvvila is a typical Ravi Babu film and offers some humor but there is nothing much that you haven`t seen before.

Rating: 2.75/5

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