Onamalu - Movie Review

Onamalu review

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By: By Telugucinema

Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 30 July 2012

Movie Title

Onamalu - Movie Review


Kranti Madhav

Star Cast

Rajendra Prasad, Kalyani, Chalapati Rao, Siva Parvati

Debutant director Kranti Madhav`s Onamalu takes us to our roots especially the villages.

At least, once in a year, one should revisit their village is what the movie talks about. Kranthi Madhav has picked up a noble point (written by Tammudu Sathyam) and tries to narrate the movie in a docu-drama style sans commercial elements.

Narayana Rao (Rajendra Prasad) is an ideal teacher in a village. After his wife Rukmini`s (Kalyani) death, he moves to USA to spend some time with his son. Even in USA, his village life haunts him. So, one day, he returns to his village without informing his son. But he is appalled by the changes that has occurred in his village in his absence with villagers embracing the values of a city dweller. Gone are the human values and good-natured villagers. Devastated by this rapid change, he takes a drastic decision.

Urbanization is not a bad thing but in the process human values are deteriorating. This is a good point to deal with and we should appreciate the writer Tammudu Sathyam and director Kranthi Madhav for this. But instead of focusing on this, they blame the development process. And also one should realize that "change" is important, blaming people for embracing modern amenities is silly. Also in order to drive the point home, the film goes in preachy mode.

Other than the slow narration and preachy scenes here and there, the movie is a genuine and honest attempt. A film made with noble intentions.

Onamalu belongs to Rajendra Prasad. He is perfect for the role and he once again shows his versatility. It is his best film since his Mee Shreyabholashi.

Among the other cast, Kalyani is good. Hari Anumolu captures the beauty of the countryside. Kadir Babu`s dialogues are good in places but some dialogues are very bookish too. Editing could have been crisper.

On the whole, Kranthi Madhav`s Onamalu is a film with noble intentions and made sans commercial elements. It is all about the beauty of simple village life and simplicity which is the plus and the minus point of the movie, depending on your taste.

Rating: 3/5

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