IPC Section 300

IPC Section 300



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 16 November 2009

Movie Title

IPC Section 300



Star Cast

Devaraj, Vijaya Raghavendra, Suman Ranganath, Srujan

From ad world, debutant director Shashikanth has given a stylish thriller but what is confusing is why he mixed comedy and songs that harms the total flow of the film. It is dynamic hero Devaraj who takes the film on his shoulder and performed with ease. Shashikanth shows that he is an able director who knows his work but has to give up routine formula elements.

Mallik (Devraj) an architect is clever in covering up his mistake. He shoots his wife Sheela (Suman Ranganath) on the left cheek for her illicit relationship with a police officer Sharan (Srujan Lokesh). Mallik admits hid flaw to the police officer Sharan who arrest him. It has to be proved in the court of law.

As the prosecution unfolds, Vijay (Vijay Raghavendra) realizes that Mallik has done this shoot out with a strong purpose. Police officer Sharan is exposed in the court hall by Mallik further heightens the tense situation. At the same time there are some situations which take away the credibility of the story like the one where the prosecutor becomes the investigator.

Vijay faces defeat in the court hall and walking out from his mistake Mallik is caught in the last minute. That is when Vijay CID brain points to the exchange of pistol by Mallik before shooting his wife. Graciously Mallik agrees to the findings of Vijay.

The narrative is straight forward and keeps a brisk pace. The initial few scenes remind you of slick Hollywood productions.

Devraj in this cool and composed performance adds good value to the film. Sizzling Suman Ranganath in a romantic scene with Shrujan Lokesh is adorable. Vijay Raghavendra has lost his weight for this film but his acting is of high calibre. Srujan Lokesh is apt. The background score of MN Krupakar is well measured. The cinematography by Niranjan Babu has used the lighting effectively.

Verdict ? Above average

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