Phhir review: The no-brainer thriller, again!

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By: Sonia Chopra

Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 12 August 2011

Movie Title



Girish Dhamija

Star Cast

Rajneesh Duggal, Adah Sharma, Roshni Chopra

The story?s set in Newcastle, England. For no reason, the film self-importantly keeps displaying the day, hour, minute and even ticking seconds. This display happens when the characters are doing mundane things like driving a car or sitting at a window-sill. You slowly realize the ticking seconds have no relevance to the story?they?re just there and keep appearing randomly.

The ?actors? are speaking their lines; the rest of their face is static. These are our central protagonists who make for a supremely annoying couple. So Sia (Roshni Chopra) has gone missing and the other half of the annoying couple ? the husband Kabir (Rajneesh Duggall of 1920 fame)? is frantically searching for her. The police is clueless, headed by yet another actor who follows the moving lips-vacant eyes principle.

Then, like a gust of fresh breeze, arrives Adah Sharma?the only one in the film who can act and is the possessor of screen presence. Sharma (superb styling; awful make-up) plays Disha, a psychic who often helps the cops on cases. She?s 'seeing things' about Sia and the cops along with Kabir are following her leads.

There?s a twist in the tale towards the finale, the only time you sit up and take notice. Somewhere along the way a God?s messenger pops in to give Kabir a sermon on karma and paying off the debts from previous lives.

Strangely here, a protagonist kills his wife for suspected adultery. He feels bad later, not because he killed his wife, but because he discovers she had not been unfaithful after all. (Which means it?s ok to murder your wife she is indeed adulterous?) I understand this discourse is outside the scope of the film, but it?s a rattling point anyway.

It?s interesting and hilarious --the portrayal of the police. It appears as if the entire force has nothing to do but follow this case. For example, when a small clue is found (a location), five police cars and an entire team goes to investigate. It?s funny, really.

The film, directed by Girish Dhamija (Yakeen), has all the trappings of a Vikram Bhatt (producer-writer) movie: the much-in-love couple, crime and violence, the supernatural angle, places with names like Indira Mansion and Glen Bar, and so on.

Avoid, unless you?re a fan of the no-brainer thriller.

Verdict: One and a half stars

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