Ira review: An incompetent script and lazy packaging

In all fairness, it could be an okay fare for those who don't expect much surprises and are easily excited

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 19 March 2018

Movie Title

Ira review: An incompetent script and lazy packaging


Saiju S S

Star Cast

Unni Mukundan, Gokul Suresh, Miya, Niranjana

Ever since the project was announced, Ira was rumoured to be inspired from the shocking real life molestation incident that took Mollywood by storm, last year. The makers of the film had presented the teasers at regular intervals with this in mind.

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If you are actually looking for some statements or for that matter any startling revelations, no such luck here. Instead, this one is an attempted thriller, which becomes unintentionally funny due to its incompetent script, lazy packaging and thoroughly unimpressive performances.

The action begins early on as state minister Chandy (Alancier Ley) dies, while undergoing a routine checkup. His rivals were waiting for his fall but his unprecedented demise comes as a shocker even for them.

Soon after a junior doctor named Aryan (Gokul Suresh) is arrested in connection with the murder. He is labelled even as a terrorist and the cops make him confess to the crime in a cruel way.

It is then that Rajeev (Unni Mukundan) appears and he meets those who were working with Aryan, to unveil the mysteries behind the incident. With twists that appear quite often and then a series of them happening towards the end, this one is presented pretty seriously modelled on some of the recent thrillers, but is not that effective.

Just naming some of the recent Malayalam movies that are its inspirations can give you an idea about where the storyline is going. We don’t want to play spoilsports by doing so.

There are some efforts to remind the viewer about the “media trial” that followed the molestation case, but even that has not been done smartly.

While Gokul Suresh tries hard to repeat his father Suresh Gopi’s style, Unni Mukundan seems to be practicing a ramp walk in every frame. The less said about the rest of the cast, the better.

Ira suffers from a shaky script. In all fairness, it could be an okay fare for those who don’t expect much surprises and are easily excited. Now, decide on your own.

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