Race 2

Race 2 review: The glam is a sham!

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By: Sonia Chopra

Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 02 February 2013

Movie Title

Race 2



Star Cast

Saif Ali Khan, Deepika Padukone, Jacqueline Fernandez, John Abraham, Anil Kapoor, Ameesha Patel

Glossy, glitzy, glam. Yup, Race 2 is all this but sadly, not much more!

Consider the film's running joke - one revolving around fruits and Anil Kapoor's assistant named (what else) Cherry. So naturally, dialogues like 'pop your cherry' and 'I am a juicer' make appearances.

After a lovemaking session, the assistant tells her boss, 'Kya khaate ho, Sir' (she's the fruit basket, gettit?).

Gross, sexist jokes apart, the film has an interesting, even if filmi, story.

In a twisted revenge drama, Ranveer (Saif Ali Khan, always in suits) has an axe to grind with Armaan (John Abraham, also always in suits). He befriends him through a mediator (Anil Kapoor with assistant Ameesha Patel in tow at all times).

Then throughout the film, as we are introduced to the other characters - Armaan's sister (Deepika Padukone), his girlfriend (Jacqueline Fernandes) etc, we are left to guess who's conning whom.

The theme of grey characters is taken from the original Race, which despite its formulaic storytelling packed quite a punch. This one is disappointing in comparison.

The film is replete with insipid moments - in a fencing match between Saif and Jacqueline's characters, they use the age-old gag (he uses the sword to strip her).

In an unintentionally hilarious scene, you have characters escape a burning plane in a car supported by four parachutes. It's enough to make you roll off the floor!

The film will have you thinking back to Players, yet another below-par film with big stars!

There's talk of millions of euros, Deepika steps out from a pool, yet another song breaks the story, and a dialogue 'let the race begin' appears right before the interval.

To be fair, the Allah Duhaiyi song is electrifyingly picturised; one of the film's highlights. The other highlight of the film is the superlative action from the chase scenes to a near-fatal hand-to-hand combat.

Raavi Yadav's cinematography makes Istanbul look eye-catching. Music is above average.

Saif is surprising vapid in the film, and so is John. It's up to the girls then to set the screen on fire, which they do intermittently.

Anil Kapoor is good in the role, but honestly, filmmakers need to stop making him look foolish on screen, romancing girls half his age.

Directors Abbas-Mustan are on familiar territory - they have mastered the "art" of making really expensive, really mediocre films.

But then, it has the stars, the songs, and the action. It's enough for most. I guess that's the sad part.

Rating: 2.5 stars

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