Rachcha review

Rachcha review

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 09 April 2012

Movie Title

Rachcha review


Sampath Nandi

Star Cast

Ram Charan, Tamannah, Azmal, Mukesh Rishi, Brahmanandam, Kota

Rachcha unfolds with a bang where a boy loses his parents while performing a traditional ritual. It is followed by a smart introduction of Betting Raj (Ram Charan) accepting a bet of James (Azmal) and taking on a speeding train driving fans crazy.

Betting Raj accepts any bets to show his power and he is raised by loving couple (MS.Narayana and Sudha).

Betting Raj accepts the challenge of James, to trap Chaitra (Tamannah), daughter of powerful mining baron Ballari (Mukesh Rishi) in order to treat his father (MS) who is ill. Chaitra reciprocates Betting Raj`s love after a few skirmishes.

Story takes a twist when Betting Raj tries to make Chaitra express his love in front of James.

A furious Ballari tries to eliminate both Betting Raj and Chaitra. To know more about the story line you should watch the movie.

Ram Charan Tej tries a different look altogether and excels in his performance and in the dance sequences.

Though Tamannaah did not have much to do, she was an eye candy to the audience. Brahmanandam in his role as dance master Dr.Rangeela, tries to evoke laughter in his own style while Ajmal impress all with his acting.

Mukesh Rishi and Kota excel as villains. Parthiban as Ram Charan`s dad made an impact with his performance though his role is very small. Same is the case with Nazar.

Manisharma`s music is good along with the background score. Stunts are the highlights of the film and the director took extra care to shoot it well. The introductory sequence, pre interval action sequences and Cherry`s deadly stunts in a bamboo forest in China are the highlights. Cinematography is an asset. Though the songs are good, they sometimes prove as speed breakers.

Director Sampath Nandi loaded the movie with full mass masala weapons and waited for it to explode on screen. He succeeded to some extent as the first half looked fine with a bit of comedy, romance and stunts while he seems to have lost the plot in the second half.

However, Rachcha with no competition at box office can create a flutter.

Verdict: Entertaining

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