Rajanna review: An honest, beautiful film

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Wednesday 21 December 2011

Movie Title



Vijayendra Prasad

Star Cast

Nagarjuna, Sneha, Annie, Shweta Menon, Nasser

Set in a village called Nelakondapalli in Adilabad district in early 1950`s, the film tells the story of Mallamma (Annie) and her father Rajanna (Nagarjuna), a freedom fighter.

After the death of her father and mother (Sneha), a villager brings up Mallamma. Her only passion is singing. But the village chieftain wants the little nightingale killed. She is saved by her music teacher (Nasser). He advises her to go to Delhi to meet Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru and get help to free the village from the Nizam rule.

She sets out for Delhi on bare foot and as soon as she reaches Nehru, the men from her village kidnap her. She is locked up in a room along with her music teacher. He tells her the story of Rajanna, her father, a revolutionary who taught the villagers to fight against the atrocities.

Rajanna portrays the story of the girl. The movie revolves around her personal freedom to live without fears and a revolutionary`s struggle to bring freedom to his village.

Without doubt, Rajanna is one of the best movies to come out in Tollywood in the recent times. Songs are part of Telangana`s culture. Director Vijayendra Prasad uses songs to narrate the story. The beauty in the script lies in making the girl a singer and Rajanna a balladeer.

Music genius M M Keeravani has put in his best for this movie and lifted many scenes with his impeccable recording.

On the down the side, the movie`s pace goes down in the second half. The song in the climax is poorly scripted and executed. There are also some factual errors like the songs of Mayabazar (1957) being played on radio when the movie is set much before its release.

Annie gets more footage and she steals the show. She scores full marks for expressions and accent. You empathise with her and also feel sympathy for her plight. She gives an award- winning performance. Nagarjuna is terrific in the song - `Veyyi Veyyi`. In some patriotic scenes, he is good but his character could have had more depth to bring out the feel and fervor.

Among other actors, Sneha as Lacchamma is apt. Swetha Menon as the villainous Dorasani fits the bill but her costumes are in no way related to Telangana culture. Sammeta Gandhi brings the authenticity to his character. Nasser as the music teacher is okay. Supreeth, Pradeep Rawath and Sravan as Nag`s friends are good.

The film`s soul is its music and M M Keeravani lives up to his name and fame by giving one of the best musical scores in Telugu cinema. The film`s musical score ranks among his best.

Visuals are topnotch. The film has rich production values. Editing by Kotagiri is perfect. S S Rajamouli`s style and his touch are clearly visible in action episodes and in the song of `Veyyi Veyyi`. Production designer (art) S Ravinder`s set is authentic and succeeds in recreating the bygone era.

Vijayendra Prasad should be applauded for the script, screenplay is very interesting. It was a great move from Nagarjuna to be part of a commercial movie in which he does not appear for almost an hour and back the film by producing it.

Rarely do we get to see an honest, beautiful film like Rajanna. It is an emotional film with a heart-touching script. With terrific performance from Annie, topnotch musical score by music genius M M Keeravani, rich production values, the movie is one of the best to come out from Tollywood in the recent times. Go for it, for its honesty and genuine effort.

Rating: 4/5

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