Raktha Charitra ? I is for serious moviegoers

Raktha Charitra ? I is for serious moviegoers

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 23 October 2010

Movie Title

Raktha Charitra ? I is for serious moviegoers


Ram Gopal Varma

Star Cast

Vivek Oberoi, Radhika Apte, Priyamani, Suriya, Satrughan Singha, Sudeep, Abhimanyu SinghMusic: Dharam, Sandeep

Ram Gopal Varma and gory entertainment go hand-in-hand. Ever since it was announced that Bollywood hero Vivek Oborai would be starring in the Telugu version as well, an inkling of doubt raised its head with the Telugu audiences. Could Raktha Charitra meet their expectations? But on watching it, the audience have admitted that this is a film that had them glued to their seats.

Raktha Charitra is no doubt a formula-based flick. RGV as usual has focused on the rift between the protagonist and the perpetrator. Let's move on to what the movie promises the audiences from the film set in the backdrop of ruthless murders and chilling revenge.

Pursuing his studies in a city is Pratap Ravi (Vivek Oberoi). He rushes to his village, Anandapalli, when news of the brutal murder of his father reaches him. He brother, who has already joined the Naxalites, is all set to use his training to avenge the murder of their father. But Ravi is blown away by another setback - the murder of his brother while in police lockup. |Now, Ravi wants to avenge both murders.

It is non-stop hunt with sickles. In the blood-for-blood game, villain Nagamani Reddy (Kota) is killed. His son Bukka Reddy (Abhimanyu Singh) is out to counter the killing spree of Ravi. In the meantime, a film actor Sivaji Rao (Satrughan Sinha) starts a political party called the Praja Desam, and gives a party ticket to Ravi. This gesture further enrages Bukka Reddy. What happens next is the abrupt climax of the movie, or rather the first part.

Raktha Charitra begins with the slow but intense voiceover by RGV. It sends a pall of boredom over the audience, but thankfully it appears only in negligible stretches. Soon, the film begins to run at break neck speed only to slow down in the second half. When Ravi is made the Home Minister, rival Bukka Reddy pales into insignificance, thus making the movie a one-man show.

The major drawback of the movie is that the climax is abrupt. Yet, the cinematography revolving around the killing of Bukka Reddy is a big highlight.

RGV's decision to release the second part in November, must be recognized as a daring experiment in Tollywood.

Vivek Oberoi is a revelation on the screen. RGV is justified in his selection of Vivek as the man to portray Paritala Ravi, who is considered the king of faction violence in real life. His seriousness, style, and grim advances, come as trendsetting dramatics.

Shatrughan Singh as the politician NTR, is a highlight. The role of Nandini (Ravi?s wife), played by Radha Apte is superb. Abhimanyu Singh as Bukka Reddy shines on screen.

RGV has used the symbols of the Hand (Congress) and Cycle (Telugu Desam) in order to connect with the audience. The theme song has turned into a hit, and the audiences leave the theatres humming this tune.

A word of caution - don?t expect any comedy. Apart from that, the music is flawless and the production values are excellent.

All said and done, RGV has taken much care to create a realistic film. Those who watch the movie ? thinking that it is the life story of Paritala Ravi ? may be a tad disappointed, as RGV has taken cinematic liberties. We can certainly say that he has come to make his mark again in Tollywood after a gap of more than fifteen years.

Heavy violence might prevent the family crowds from coming to theatres, but those who like serious films will definitely be lured by Raktha Charitra. The first part has definitely raised the expectation levels for the sequel out next month.

Verdict: A feast for serious moviegoers

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