Irandam Ulagam

Irandam Ulagam



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 23 November 2013

Movie Title

Irandam Ulagam



Star Cast

Arya, Anushka

Selvaraghavan?s Irandam Ulagam is a movie made with a lot of passion and hard work and he lets his imaginations fly high. However, like all his previous films, this one too is ahead of its time. He has made a romantic film which is partially set in real world and most of it especially the second half in a fantasy land. Well, the film is visually inventive; special effects are heavy with some terrific sword-fighting sequences.

Love story set in fantasy world is a genre new to Tamil audiences and it takes some time to set in, while watching the film. Madhu (Arya) and Remya (Anushka) slowly but surely falls in love but fate has them separated. Parallelly, we have Maravan (Arya) and Varna (Anushka) a high spirited warrior living in a fantasy world and have a different love story.

Varna is tough and does not want to get married and be someone?s slave. Madhu goes in search of his lady love to fantasy world filled with flying creatures, beautiful green forests and his life intervenes with that of Maravan. How he helps the lovers, saves Maravan and how Varna discovers love forms the rest of this fantasy film.

What bogs down this love story is the second half which is painfully long and looks more like comic-book-based movie. The film is a visual treat with great camerawork by Ramji, especially his lighting. Kola Bhaskar?s has done a decent job as he had to put together scenes involving a lot of computer graphics. The running time of the film should have been reduced.

The major highlight of the film is Harris Jayaraj?s songs and an awesome background score by Anirudh. Two songs which were part of the original album are missing in the film. Arya and Anushka chemistry is crackling, and their romance in the first half is entertaining. It is a love story that traverses between two worlds; a more linear approach would have brought some clarity to the narration. The trouble is that both love stories move on parallel line confusing the viewer.

Irandam Ulagam is not everybody?s cup of tea, but film is made with a lot of passion and sincerity. Chances are that you may find it an enjoyable journey if you get into Selvaraghavan?s fantasy world.

Verdict ? Fantasy entertainer

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