Irandam Ulagaporin Kadaisi Gundu review: Highly recommended

Irandam Ulagaporin Kadaisi Gundu review: Highly recommended

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 06 December 2019

Movie Title

Irandam Ulagaporin Kadaisi Gundu review: Highly recommended


Athiyan Athirai

Star Cast

Dinesh, Anandhi, Rhythvika, Munishkanth, Marimuthu

Debutant director Athiyan Athirai's Irandam Ulagaporin Kadaisi Gundu establishes a poetic connect between the dirty bombs in World War II and the ongoing caste war spearheaded by dirty minds. The filmmaker explores the metal scrap industry and how mercilessly they treat the daily wagers.

Selvam (Dinesh)is a  young rebel lorry driver who works in the local metal scrap shop, who has two important goals in life-- to buy his own lorry and to marry his girlfriend Chithra(Anandhi). Unfortunately, Selvam's boss(Marimuthu) is a selfish money-minded crook and Chithra belongs to an upper-class community. These are the two challenges for Selvam. We also get to see an upright journalist Dhanya (Rhythvika) who struggles hard to expose the mass bomb destruction scam in India. 

An agency cheated the Government saying that they have destroyed the leftover dangerous bombs from World War II but they just dumped them in the sea. These bombs are often found near seashore and the innocent homeless guys sell it to make ends meet. The small metal scrap shops too are unaware of these bombs which often cause mass fire accidents. How the lives of Selvam and Dhanya meet at some point and how they win in their respective struggles forms the crux of Irandam Ulagaporin Kadaisi Gundu...

The film is set in the backdrop of the unexplored metal scrap industry and an unpopular scam so the landscape itself appears fresh to us. The filmmaker seems to have done detailed research on these two areas that he takes us into the world with the help of exemplary sound design, lively characters, and beautiful music. The sounds of the metal scrap industry and the noisy highway ambiance have been beautifully recreated.

All the actors in the film look real. Dinesh looks beefed up and fits the bill for the rebel lorry driver who also speaks politics under the influence of alcohol. The scene where he threatens his boss by revealing the idea of starting a union is a scream. We also get to know that workers union is the biggest nightmare for the capitalists and hence, conveys the importance of it. Dinesh has given his heart and soul to the film, the stunts are super realistic that we feel the punches and the herculean effort invested in those scenes. 

After Pariyerum Perumal, we get to see the performer Anandhi here. Her character Chithra may appear innocent but slowly, we get to know her real side. She is Bharathi's Pudhumai Penn who breaks all the caste barriers. There is a song comparing Chithra with a ferocious Goddesses, which is pure class. Rhythvika looks earnest and has done a commendable job once again. But the biggest surprise in Munishkanth who steals the show with his comic screen presence. Rarely do we see comedians in prominent roles and present throughout the film. Munishkanth adds the strong entertainment quotient to the film. Though he gets introduced as an opportunist, slowly he understands the selfishness of his boss and feels the true friendship of Dinesh. 

In a scene, Munish's boss(Marimuthu) only knows his nickname (puncture) and is unable to recognize him when he tells his real name. In another scene when Ramesh Thilak (a colleague of Dinesh) injures his leg, Marimuthu comes out leisurely carrying his lunch box and orders only one worker to accompany him to the hospital. Such scenes make the entire film organic. When the director conveys a strong message in the climax, it doesn't sound preachy because of the neat presentation.

Music composer Tenma is a talent to watch out for in Tamil cinema, his music flows gently with the story yet elevates the scene whenever needed. Overall, Irandam Ulagaporin Kadaisi Gundu is yet another novel attempt from producer Pa Ranjith. 

Irandam Ulagaporin Kadaisi Gundu review: Highly recommended

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