Irandu Mugam

Irandu Mugam


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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 03 September 2010

Movie Title

Irandu Mugam


Aravind Raj

Star Cast

Sathyaraj,Karan, Suhani, Nassar

Sathyaraj and Karan?s Irandu Mugam is an old fashioned masala movie meant for the masses. It has all ingredients including punchline political dialogues that make snide remarks about Tamil Nadu politics. The lead actors play to the gallery, but post interval a sense of d?j? vu hits the viewers.

Parthasarathy (Karan) is the son of a caterer in a village who is also good at mimicking politicians. He is able to impress the Chief Minister who makes him a party youth leader, which is not liked by the local party chief Tamizh Sakthi (Nasser), who wants that post for his younger brother.

Later due to circumstances, Tamizh supports Parthasarathy and makes him an MLA, hoping he would become his rubber stamp. The daughter of opposition leader Pavitra (Suhani) is already in love with Parthasarathy and sings a couple of songs with him.

On a parallel line there is an IAS officer Sarveswaran (Sathyaraj), who is a honest bureaucrat who has his own axe to grind. The system corrupts Parthasarathy, who by quirk of fate becomes Environment minister. Sarveswaran becomes his secretary and cunningly convinces the minister to turn a new leaf. How the deadly duo cleanses the system forms the rest of this highly far fetched film.

The highlight of the film is the action scenes, and the teaming together of Sathyaraj and Karan. Sathyaraj has done similar roles in earlier films but is underutilized by director Aravindraj. Karan has the meatier role, while Nassar does the stereotyped villain role that he patented in the 80?s. Suhani is pure eye candy. Bhardwaj is totally out of form.

If you are looking for pure escapist masala fare, Irandu Mugam is just ok.

Verdict- Run of the mill

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