Irul review: A disappointing thriller

Irul:A disappointing thriller

Source: SIFY


Critic's Rating: 2/5

Sunday 04 April 2021

Movie Title

Irul review: A disappointing thriller


Naseef Yusuf Izuddin

Star Cast

Fahadh Faasil, Soubin Shahir, Darshana Rajendran

Director Naseef Yusuf Izuddin’s Irul, which premiered on Netflix, is a horror-thriller that fails to deliver.

Alex Parayil (Soubin Shahir), is a novelist whose first novel has just been released. Irul is in fact the title of his novel, which is a murder mystery. He is a businessman with a passion for writing. 

Alex and his girlfriend Archana (Darshana Rajendran), a lawyer, decides to go on a weekend trip to a destination, the details of which only he knows about. They have decided to leave their mobile phones back home and are driving on a rainy night.

As it happens in most stories of this kind, the car breaks down at a remote place. Since they don’t have mobile phones to call for help, they decide to go to the only house in the vicinity. 

A weird guy named Unni (Fahadh Faasil) opens the door. He doesn’t use a mobile phone and the landline there is out of order. 

He has read Alex’s book and talks about the flaws in it. The trio is even having drinks together. And then, as you would have guessed by now, the twists start happening one after the other.

The movie has been presented well with low production values but the major letdown is the shaky script that makes the narration unconvincing at many points. The dialogues are dramatic mostly and loop holes are far too many.

Fahadh Faasil who generally surprises you with his performance is let down by the script. Soubin Shahir and Darshana Rajendran are fine. On the whole, Irul is a disappointing film. 

Verdict: Letdown


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