Iruttu review: An engaging horror thriller

Iruttu review: An engaging horror thriller

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 07 December 2019

Movie Title

Iruttu review: An engaging horror thriller



Star Cast

Sundar C, VTV Ganesh, Sakshi, Dhanshika, Vimala Raman

We have seen horror thrillers with evil creatures controlled by the magical powers in Hinduism and Christianity. For a change, in Iruttu, director VZ Dhorai has borrowed the Good vs Evil elements from Islam.

A hilly locale near Ooty is haunted by a mysterious supernatural power that the entire village goes dark even during day time and six men get brutally killed. Police is unable to find the finger print and there is absolutely no clue in the crime scene. 

The investigating officer also dies by burning himself. Now, Chezhiyan( Sundar C) takes charge as the inspector of police in the particular village and he also brings his wife and kid. Slowly, Chezhiyan, the other police officers in his station and his own family members start feeling the existence of supernatural power. 

The rest of the film answers all the questions on the mysterious element and why the village went dark!

What makes Iruttu unique is the landscape Dhorai chosen and Islamic supernatural element Jinn which is an unexplored base in Tamil cinema. Iruttu cannot be classified as a horror thriller. There is an investigative angle in the film and it's quite interesting. 

Famous novel writer Indhira Soundarajan's dialogues bring in a fresh angle. The HH blood group and the different animal forms of Jinn are the other two another interesting factors in Iruttu. To be precise, Dhorai hasn't made a brainless comedy horror. Thanks to the intelligent writing by both Dhorai and Indhra Soundararajan, the film manages to entertain us to an extent. On the downside, cinematic liberty is evident in a lot of scenes and the climax is also quite weak.

Technically, Girrish's music helps in creating scary situations and the sound design is also quite good. Krishnaswamy's cinematography delivers aesthetic visuals, the aerial shots also look beautiful on screen.

Overall, Iruttu is a watchable horror thriller for the unexplored element and the investigative angle.

Iruttu review: Engaging horror thriller

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