Iruvar Mattum

Iruvar Mattum


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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 01 December 2006

Movie Title

Iruvar Mattum


Dwaraki Raghavan

Star Cast

Abhay, Sunitha

It is a unique experiment to have just two characters in a film, and make it work. Writer-director Dwarki Raghuvaran has been able to pull it off quite successfully with Iruvar Mattum (Earlier titled ?By 2?).

Dwarki uses the same formula that Hollywood film makers did with films like Blue Lagoon and Emerald Island, of a young boy and girl trapped in a solitary island (here it?s a deep forest) and coming to know each other. What works for Iruvar Mattum is the lush locations of Chalakudy forests with Athirapally waterfall and a stream as the backdrop. The beautiful run-down woodhouse created by art director R.Murali and eye catching camera of Das and hummable numbers of Vijay Antony.

But where the film falters is that the story is weak and characterization of the two lead actors is not well-etched out. How come Azghagu the hero was able to survive alone after his mother?s death has not been explained! Added to that, what stops the Forest department officials from discovering such scenic place?

The film opens with an old couple going back to the forest to retrace their roots. In a flashback the story of Azhagu (Kannada actor Abhay) and Selvi (Sunita Varma) unfolds. Selvi a runaway girl who does not want to marry a guy of her parent?s choice meets Azhagu a guy who lives alone in a dilapidated woodhouse like a Tarzan. He is uncouth and shabby in appearance.

Selvi initially hates him but soon love blossoms along with fear as she discovers that he is still keeping the skeletal remains of his dead mother and frequently talks to her! (Remember Psycho and Moodu Pani?) How Selvi transforms his life forms the rest of the film.

At times the film drags as two characters get on to your nerves. Still, if you like to try out something different, then Iruvar Matttum is worth a glance.

Verdict: OK

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