Shahrukh Bola 'Khboobsurat Hai Tu' review: It appeals in spurts

Shahrukh Bola 'Khboobsurat Hai Tu' review: It appeals in spurts

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By: Taran Adarsh/IndiaFM

Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 19 November 2010

Movie Title

Shahrukh Bola 'Khboobsurat Hai Tu' review: It appeals in spurts


Makrand Deshpande

Star Cast

Shahrukh Khan, Preetika Chawla, Sanjay Dadheech, Makrand Deshpande, Nagesh Bhonsle, Kay Kay Menon, Choyoti Ghosh, Afzal Khan

When someone with an eye for talent and with a grip on the written material attempts a film (Makarand Deshpande), you expect the celluloid experience to be an invigorating and enlightening journey. But Shahrukh Bola 'Khboobsurat Hai Tu' comes across as a disjointed and incoherent effort which appeals in bits and spurts. Clearly, the fault lies in the written material (screenplay).

To start with, the very first sequence of the film - an obsessed lover stabbing a woman because SRK has said, 'khoobsurat hai tu' - falls flat after you've watched the film in entirety. Sure, people do commit heinous crimes in a fit of rage, but there's no solid reason for this person to take this extreme step, in this case. At least it doesn't come across as strongly in the narrative. Besides, the goings-on vacillate between interesting and boring moments constantly, which makes this one a lackluster affair.

Laali (Preetika Chawla) is a die-hard Shah Rukh Khan fan. She sells flowers on the street to earn her livelihood. While selling flowers one day, a car stops and she hears a voice asking for flowers. She realizes that the person in the car is none other than her idol Shah Rukh Khan. SRK just says, 'khoobsurat hai tu' and that makes Laali go crazy. The film begins with a person, John, stabbing Laali because she doesn't reciprocate his love. The remainder of the film is about Laali, John and the assorted people in the basti.

It's common knowledge that a majority of films fail because the writing is sketchy and sloppy. Shahrukh Bola 'Khboobsurat Hai Tu' is no different. The viewers are introduced to several characters in the film, which attempt to take the story forward. But barring the lead pair, the character sketch of the remaining characters is half-baked, which explains why the film appeals in bits and pieces.

Makarand Deshpande is a gifted storyteller and those who've seen his work on stage swear that he's supremely talented. A viewpoint I endorse completely. But Makarand, sadly, hasn't been able to recreate that magic on screen. Experimenting with new stories and narrating them with flourish has always been his forte, but the expertise doesn't come across strongly here. The execution of the material is a shade better, but what's the point if the film stands on a shaky foundation (screenplay)?

Amongst the plusses, Makarand succeeds in giving the film a realistic look, which must've been tough since the film has been shot at actual locations. The music is functional, although I'd like to single out the Jagjit Singh track, which is soothing and easy on the ears.

The cast comprises of new faces largely and each of them deliver pure, unadulterated performances. Especially the actress who enacts the role of the hooker. Preetika Chawla has the makings of a fine actress. Nagesh Bhosale and Makrand Deshpande, both well-experienced actors, are efficient. SRK makes a brief appearance in the film.

On the whole, Shahrukh Bola 'Khboobsurat Hai Tu' is more of an experiment that will go unnoticed.

Verdict: One star

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