Super Ranga has 'Kick'ed it right!

Super Ranga has 'Kick'ed it right!



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 20 September 2014

Movie Title

Super Ranga has 'Kick'ed it right!


Sadhu Kokila

Star Cast

Upendra, Krithi Kharbanda, Priyanka Rao, Sadhu Kokila, Doddanna, Raghu Mukherjee, Bullet Prakash, Sreedhar

Remakes, remakes and more remakes! Well, this is what Sandalwood audiences are often seen 'seeing' these days! Unfortunately, the remakes are just becoming a mere copy-paste jobs, including the movie names. Well, to some extent Super Ranga stands out differently! Though the movie is an official remake of Telugu super hit movie Kick, Uppi's mannerisms make it worth watching. Krithi, as usual, is eye candy.

The movie begins with the arranged marriage preparations for Swathi (Krithi Karbandha), who gets to meet a police officer Raghu Mukerjee for marriage. The duo get along well and start speaking about their past.

Krithi narrates her old love story with Ranga (Upendra), who wished to live his life joyfully. He meets Swathi while helping his friend to elope and get married. Swathi starts hating Ranga after she realises that he can put his own friend's life at risk. She in fact rejects him realising he cannot even stay in one job for long time. However, after dancing for a couple of songs with Ranga, she finally falls in love with him. Ranga, who has always been running from commitment, will now join a software company for Swathi's sake. However he quits the job on the third day itself. After knowing this, Swathi breaks up with him thinking that he will never change and agrees for an arranged marriage.

After she finishes her story, Raghu Mukheree too tells her about the conman, whom he is searching from a couple of days. In a twist and turn of events, the conman happens to be Ranga. Though the duo come face-to-face, Raghu fails to identify Ranga, despite many clues. Will Raghu be able to arrest Ranga? Will Swathi marry Raghu or Ranga? Or is there a bigger twist in the plot? Watch the movie to find out!

Uppi steals the show as he is there on screen in almost every scene! Krithi should concentrate on taking up original scripts than remakes as she has already acted in good number of remakes. It's time for her to establish herself firmly in Sandalwood as she has the right calibre.

Sadhu Kokila, who has also acted in the movie apart from directing it, has done a good job. Actors Dodanna, Bullet Prakash, Rangayana Raghu and Sridhar have done a fine job too! Newbie Priyanka Rao does manage to get enough screen space and if given better scripts can carve a good career in Sandalwood.

Directed by Sadhu Kokila, this is his third movie with Upendra and Sadhu was expected to have come up with new funny punchlines rather than repeating the ones in the original. Arjun Janya's music is appreciable, but the magic goes missing.

It is indeed a one-time watch if you have already watched the original movie. Comedy punches keeps the narration alive and entertaining. Do not miss out if you are a action-comedy movie fan!

Verdict: One timer

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