Tere Bin Laden review: It?s audacious

Tere Bin Laden review: It?s audacious

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By: Sonia Chopra

Critic's Rating: 3/5

Thursday 22 July 2010

Movie Title

Tere Bin Laden review: It?s audacious


Abhishek Sharma

Star Cast

Ali Zafar, Pradhuman Singh, Sugandha Garg, Piyush Mishra

Right from the opening credits to the finale, there?s fun in every frame.

A small-time Pakistani journalist working with Danka TV dreams of a hotshot career in the USA. He?s all set to get a passport on a dead person?s name, but needs a huge sum of money for it. In his desperation to fulfil his ambition, Ali Hassan (Ali Zaffar) ?hatches? a sinister plan.

He organises the world?s next breaking news: the neighbourhood egg king - a simple fellow really - pays the price of being an Osama Bin Laden look-alike. Ali and his equally unscrupulous team (a camera hand, a make-up expert, a voice-over specialist) work together to make Noora, whose world revolves around his egg farm, into the world?s most-wanted terrorist.

A message by the egg farmer, propped with an AK-47 and a world map, threatening America?s safety is flashed all over the world the next day. Does this finally get Ali to his dream country? We?re not telling!

The film will have you in constant splits. Yes, the humour is too in-your-face at times, but when was the last time you saw such an irreverent comedy? You find yourself thinking back to Dibakar Banerjee?s brilliant Khosla ka Ghosla, and even Stanley Kubrick?s dark comedy Dr Strangelove.

Ali and his sidekick cameraperson (Nikhil Ratnaparkhi) bumble along like Dumb and Dumber, always refused entry at important press conferences, and shooting it from the loft above. Other brilliant characters include the Pakistani government official, so nervous around his American boss ?Ted-ji?, and dreaming of clicking a picture with Osama when caught.

The humour flits between the slapstick (inventively done), and the witty. There are nice touches like the shot where a flower pot is added in the frame after the TV anchor is on air, or a bomb getting stuck on a character?s hand with glue.

No one?s spared here: there is a spoof on the White House flexing its muscle and targeting the wrong area (Afghanistan; called `Operation Kickass?); the Breaking News culture that?s way too much in a hurry; the post 9/11 world that?s on the edge; the craze for all things American; and by ending with a song where the hero is flanked by female dancers, Tere Bin... also does a mischievous take-off on this filmi trend.

This is one film where the entire cast is in the groove. Right from leading man Ali Zaffar, to Pradhuman Singh who plays the Osama clone, to Chirag Vohra, the pushover of an editor of the channel who?s looking for a way to get back at his boss, and Chinmay Mandlekar (the Pak official) ? each performance is worth savouring.

The writing is refreshingly crisp. The dialogues are admirable in its turns of expressions and the screenplay is tight. The songs are great fun, too (Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy; lyrics by Jaideep Sahni).

Debut writer-director Abhishek Sharma gives the audience a fresh, wicked comedy, that?s unapologetically defiant. Now either you can frown at the political incorrectness of it all, or laugh along with the audacious humour.

Rating: 3 stars

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