Critic's Rating: 3/5

Sunday 12 October 2014

Movie Title



Binu S

Star Cast

Shine Tom Chacko, Anusree, Balu

After they wear a pair of rings, the bodies of a boy and a girl, who have never met before in life, get swapped. If you are ready to believe this premise, debutant director Binu S? ?Ithihasa? will turn out to be an engaging comedy.

Alvi (Shine Tom Chacko) is a pickpocket, living in a shady colony, sharing his room with Vikku (Balu). Then there is Janaki (Anusree), an IT professional living in an apartment, along with her two friends. Alvi lives life on the edge, while Janaki is really conventional.

But as fate would have it, their bodies get swapped after they wear a pair of finger rings, which in turn has a history of its own. The fun begins from then on!

Perhaps inspired from several films from the past, including The Hot Chick, It?s a boy-girl thing, Mr Ya Miss or Switch, the film is a entertaining watch for sure. Of course, it would have been better with some more imaginative scenes, lesser length and a more attractive title. The film scores especially in the humorous scenes but becomes clich?d with the coming of the villain.

Shine Tom Chacko, who has been impressive in a few films like Annayum Rasoolum, is fine. But watch out for a really good show from Anusree, who has put her heart and soul into her character. Balu is a revelation as well, with his terrific comic timing and style. The rest of the cast has done a decent job as well.

Ithihasa is far from perfect but this one is a genuine attempt from a bunch of newcomers. Remember, it?s not an easy plot to handle and the team who made it should be appreciated for their conviction and hardwork. Try this one!

Verdict: Watchable

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