Ithu Thaanda Police review: Avoidable

Ithu Thaanda Police review: Avoidable



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 21 March 2016

Movie Title

Ithu Thaanda Police review: Avoidable


Manoj Palodan

Star Cast

Asif Ali, Abhirami

What made debutant director Manoj Palodan think that there is a storyline which can be made into a film called Ithu Thaanda Police? 

Or rather, even if you believe the actors and technicians had nothing much to choose from, how did he manage to convince the producers to invest in this one?

These are the only thoughts that comes to your mind while sitting through this tough ordeal that goes on for more than two hours.

There is a women’s police station at Elathoor, with a fiery sub inspector named Arundhathi Varma (Abhirami) at the helm of affairs. Just like the Prithviraj starrer Chocolate where a single boy studies in a women’s college, a driver named Ramakrishnan (Asif Ali) joins the police station.

Okay, we wait for something interesting. 

Nothing happens. So what is the next option? Some dream song sequences happen where all the constables and even the sub inspector dance to some irritating tunes. 

Of course, there are some villains. The local ex-MLA, his comic lawyer and the circle inspector of the area, are there to create trouble. 

If that is not enough, there is the chairman of the Metro Rail, who has threat from Maoists. So the police driver stays in his out-house and needless to add, the owner’s daughter (Janani Iyer) is there, eager to fall in love with the only guy around!

The film, originally made with the title Driver on duty, has been awaiting release for sometime now and you won’t need much research to know why this one was lying the cans all this while. 

With a pathetic script, ordinary performances and amateurish direction, Ithu Thaanda Police will add up to the list of forgettable misadventures made without any purpose. Watch it at your own risk only!

Ithu Thaanda Police review: Verdict: Avoidable

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