Tirupathi Express review: This Express is worth boarding!

Tirupathi Express review: This Express is worth boarding!

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 06 September 2014

Movie Title

Tirupathi Express review: This Express is worth boarding!


P Kumar

Star Cast

Sumanth Shailendra, Kriti Karbanda, Ashok, Sadhu Kokila, Bullet Prakash, Veena Sunder

It's raining remakes in Sandalwood! From super stars to the new-generation actors, most of them are taking the remake route in Sandalwood. Tirupathi Express is an addition to the same! The movie, starring 'two-film-old' Sumanth Shailendra and Googly actress Krithi Karbandha in the lead roles, is a remake of Telugu movie Venkatadri Express which featured Sundeep Kishan and Rakul Preet Singh in the lead roles. The movie did perform well in Tollywood and won appreciation from critics as well audiences.

The entire script is a copy paste of the Telugu flick! (including the name of the movie if observed). The plot is a 'typical Telugu family entertainer' which may or may not be liked by the Sandalwood audiences! It is indeed surprising to see actress Krithi Karbandha with a 'two-film-old hero', who has a couple of projects in hand with star actors in Sandalwood.

A big (read full) family with a 'head of the family' who takes all the decisions and his family members abide by the rules made by him. A 'bigada hua type' son who breaks rules is the hero of the plot! Sounds familiar? Read more!

A family headed by Ashok, Protagonist Sumanth's father, gives up to '100 mistake excuse' to family members. His two sons are no exception. After a small flashback of how Ashok had kept away his own brother after committing 100 mistakes, the family heads to Mysore for the marriage of Ashok's eldest son.

While the family boards the 'Tirupathi Express' for marriage, the actual story begins! Hero meets heroine, as usual love doesn't blossom. It's hate-cum-love for both, as they have heated arguments as soon as they meet. In the twist and turn of events, they miss the same train and catch it again for 'few times'. Meanwhile they meet a couple of not-so-funny characters in train, get chased by police for allegedly involving in a wrong case, help a couple elope and help them get married and finally reach the 'marriage destination'.

What happens next? Will the duo confess love or each other or stay apart? Or is there a bigger twist in the 'marriage destination'? Well, this should be enjoyed on screen! The movie is definitely worth watching once. Though there is not much of a difference in the plot, Sumanth's comic timing and Krithi's on-screen existence is worth watching it for.

Actors Ashok, Sadhu Kokila, Bullet Prakash and Veena Sunder have contributed their best for the film. Though the comedy too is actually a copy paste (read dubbed), it is enjoyable. The movie is a home production for Sumanth Shailendra. Director P Kumar too has done a decent job. Music, though does not impress, it doesn't bore either.

Verdict: Tirupathi express is worth boarding once!

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