Toonpurrr Ka Superhero review: Novel approach, but flawed storytelling

Toonpurrr Ka Superhero review: Novel approach, but flawed storytelling

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By: Sonia Chopra

Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 24 December 2010

Movie Title

Toonpurrr Ka Superhero review: Novel approach, but flawed storytelling


Kireet Khurana

Star Cast

Ajay Devgn, Kajol, Tanuja, Sanjay Mishra, Delnaz Paul

Welcome to the East-West divide in Toonpurr, our Indian version of Toyland. Yup, while we talk about western suburbs always being favoured over the east in Mumbai, the bias exists here as well.

So we have Dev Toons (the good guys) residing in the west of Toonpurr, and the Toonasuras (the bad guys) residing in the east. Sanjay Dutt?s voiceover speaks in rhyme as it introduces us to all the characters.

Meanwhile, Toonpurr folks are worried sick about the Toonasuras, and are thinking up ways to solve their problem. This central, motley bunch comprises: a sardar kid, a belan-wielding, dhokla-making Gujarati lady, a Catholic girl who says `men? and ?bugger? in every other sentence, a Maharashtrian cop, South India nerd, and so on.

In human land, a superstar is super-sad. Aditya Kapoor (Ajay Devgn) who has people queuing up for his autographs doesn?t enjoy that kind of adulation at home. His son thinks his dad is a fake hero, as it?s the stuntmen who do all the hard work.

Seeing him on TV, fighting onscreen villains, the Dev Toons decide that Aditya Kapoor can perhaps rid them of their problems. They hatch a plan and kidnap him. Aditya is now in Toonpurr surrounded by cartoons that are convincing him to save them from Toonasuras.

Aditya sees an opportunity to prove to his children that he?s a real hero.

Toonpurr Ka Superhero is India's first live action animation feature, and reminds you of the Hollywood film Who Framed Roger Rabbit that attempted this technique in 1988. Toonpurr?s bringing together of a flesh-and-blood character among animated toons is its biggest draw. The little viewers are bound to enjoy the antics of the toons. But disappointingly, the toons are not charismatic enough.

They appear clich?d and don?t have unique quirks or characteristics that make for memorable characters. The Pamela Anderson-like gangster moll in a shocking pink gown is bit much for a kid?s movie, as is the cartoon girl?s romantic obsession with Ajay?s character.

There are a few technical glitches in the first half, like the dubbing that?s off in certain places. The first half starts off slow and verbose. You wonder if the film will pick up, but it does post-interval.

A simulated video game and a song with a Rabdoot are the highlights. Ajay Devgn gives a sparkling performance, and it being a home-production, takes the opportunity for some harmless pat-on-the-backs.

For laughs, you have a self-deprecating joke about stars being inaccessible to journalists, except when they?re promoting their films. The filmi secretary who claims he?s in a meeting while eating bhel at a stall is hilarious. But these are filmi inside-jokes. There are more: like a swipe at a certain `Lucky Khan? and lots of fun poked at Bappi Lahiri?s caricature Guppy.

Debut director Kireet Khurana makes a film that adventurously attempts a new filmmaking technique. The storytelling is flawed at several instances. But still, for the novelty and the relatively stronger second half, the film is worth a watch.

Rating: 2.5 stars

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