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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Thursday 17 April 2003

Movie Title



Sanjay Khanna

Star Cast

Sunil Shetty, Pooja Batra, Anupama, Mukul Dev

By Ad-Lib

Most films that take this long to get made, usually end up as complete letdowns. Ittefaq, directed by Sanjay Khanna too fails to leave any impression as the film took too long to release and it shows on screen. A senseless film, Ittefaq disappoints because of its cliched story line and terrible screenplay. Producers Asoo Nihalani and Raj Lalchandani called their film a crime thriller, but this damp squib is more time killer.

Mukul Dev runs from his village and comes to Bombay, to make it big in this city of dreams. While looking out for a job, he unfortunately witnesses a murder, but the criminals spot him and go after him. He is on the run as the gangsters are after his life. On the other hand, Pooja Batra runs away from her house because her father Kader Khan wants to marry her off to a rich boy whom she disapproves of. This runaway couple meets, sings some songs and soon falls in love. Sunil Shetty plays a cop turned gangster who is hired to find this couple, by their families. Sunil has had some personal problems in the past with the law himself, when his lady- love Anupama Verma was killed, and so he identifies with this couple?s plight. Their story brings back fresh memories of his past love life and ultimately decides to protect them. The film revolves around how he finally manages to get them together in the end despite all odds.

Ittefaq is a badly made film, and the lack of interest of every crew and cast member is evident. Technically, every department is bad and sloppy. Sameer Sen-Dilp Sen?s music is below the mark as well. Of the performances, not one leaves any impact. Sunil Shetty is disinterested, Mukul Dev looks terrible, Pooja Batra overacts and newcomer Anupama Verma has no role. Even the character artistes including Shakti Kapoor who plays a cop and Mohan Joshi, an underworld don ham their way through this disastrous attempt at filmmaking. What is surprising is that Sanjay Khanna who has earlier shown some promise as a filmmaker has let the audience down the most. You feel like he wanted to complete this film as soon as possible and get it done with and his lack of interest spills into every department of the movie.

Miss this waste of time, as watching this ridiculous movie is sure to give you a headache. And that?s no Ittefaq!

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