Ivan Maryadaraman

Ivan Maryadaraman

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 06 April 2015

Movie Title

Ivan Maryadaraman


Suresh Divakar

Star Cast

Dileep, Nikki Galrani

What do you expect from a film where the lead characters are named Raman and Krishna, their villages are Ramapuram and Ravanapuram and the hero's cycle speaks in a Thiruvananthapuram accent? Debutant director Suresh Divakar's Ivan Maryadaraman is obviously not meant to be taken too seriously. 

Dileep, known for his knack to attract family audiences and to set the cash registers ringing, does everything here to make the going entertaining. In fact, he is perhaps the saving grace of the film as well.

Ivan Maryada Raman is an official remake of the 2010 Telugu hit Maryada Ramanna, which was in fact an unofficial version of the 1923 Buster Keaton comedy, Our Hospitality.

In a story where cinematic liberties have been taken in plenty, Raman aka Ramu (Dileep) is coming to his hometown from Pune. He becomes friends with Krishnendu (Nikki Galrani) during that train journey. 

As it happens in every film of this genre, the hero reaches the heroine's palatial home with a rather silly reason. Ramu doesn't know much about Krishnendu’s family, who are a law unto themselves, killing anyone they dislike just like having a jalebi! But here is the catch: They are beasts outside but are lambs inside their home and treat their guests like gods. 

By the time they realized certain startling aspects about Ramu, the hero had got inside their house. So they wait for him to go out and he realizes the danger.

Well, the concept is superb but the settings are a tad old fashioned. If you are ready to buy all the theories put forward to justify their story, this one could turn out to be a watchable fare for sure.

With Telugu actor Nagineedu playing the main villain, the film looks essentially like one of those dubbed high-voltage Telugu drama.  Siby – Udayan's script barely manages to make things too interesting.

But the best thing about this one is Dileep. The hero has given his heart and soul to his role. He is convincing and genuinely likeable. Nikki Galrani looks good but seems to have no acting bones whatsoever. Suraj Venjarammoodu's presence in the film is limited to the dialogues he delivers as the voice of the cycle and that is quite funny.

Ivan Maryadaraman is not a great film and even in the current form, it could have been shorter in its length. But for the fans of Dileep, this one is an enjoyable ride. 

Verdict: Mass Masala

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