Ivan Veramathiri

Ivan Veramathiri



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 13 December 2013

Movie Title

Ivan Veramathiri



Star Cast

Vikram Prabhu, Surabhi, Vamsi Krishna

UTV Motion Pictures and Thirrupathy Brothers Ivan Veramathiri touted as Vikram Prabhu?s second film after the successful Kumki is a well packaged, slick action revenge drama.

Ivan Veramathiri has a message which is relevant and urges our youth to take on the system, even if you are a common man! The plot is taken from a recent incident that took place in a city Law College when some students with political connections went on a rampage that resulted in the death of three students.

The film starts off in an interesting manner. An ordinary boy-next-door type unemployed guy Gunasekharan (Vikram Prabhu) kidnaps and keeps Easwar (Vamsi) a deadly criminal, brother of Law Minister as captive.

It is his way of silently taking revenge on the misdeeds of the law minister, who was responsible for the death of three students. Guna chooses to keep Easwar who is out on parole in an unfinished small, dingy toilet of a high-rise building under construction.

Our hero has an agenda and he goes about it in a meticulously planned manner and how he accomplishes it forms the rest of the story. The director follows the routine thriller guidelines which is interesting but definitely not new. But post-interval, his script takes a turn that sets the film apart from the slew of action films we have seen recently to culminate in a well-executed climax.

Director Saravanan after the brilliant Engeyum Eppothum is not in his elements in the thriller genre, where he wants to show the nexus between the politician and currupt education system. However, he is able to keep the audience spellbound in the last 15 minutes of the film which is electrifying. The overdose of romance in the first half (The fish sequence is a bit too silly) and the reason for the hero to turn crusader is not convincing.

Vikram Prabhu remains grounded throughout and is pitch perfect in the role of the typical boy-next-door at heart, a common man on a mission. He is convincing as an action hero, especially in the raw and realistic climax fight scene but has to work on his dance a bit more. New girl Surabhi fits the bill, is there throughout and her smile is arresting. Ganesh Venkatraman does a neat cameo as a cop. But it is Vamsi Krishna the scene stealer who plays the menacing Easwar to the T.

CS Satya?s music with the hummable number ?Lovulla..? is run-of-the-mill. Camera of Sakthi catches your eye especially the top-angle shots, while Editor Sreekar Prasad as usual has done a good job.

Ivan Veramathiri is implausible ? there is little chance that a young man like this could pull off a stunt like this. But it is effective rabble-rousing. As our hero goes into his climatic oration, you might find yourself applauding.

Verdict -Engaging

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