Ivanuku Thanila Gandam

Ivanuku Thanila Gandam

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 13 March 2015

Movie Title

Ivanuku Thanila Gandam


SN Sakthivel

Star Cast

Deepak, Rajendran, MS Baskar, Sendrayan, Neha

The title Ivanukku Thanila Gandam literally means that boozing is dangerous and justifying its title, the film indeed begins at a TASMAC bar where three friends Saravanan (Deepak), James (Kumaravel) and Milk Pandi (Sendrayen) are in full hang-over and completely forget the fact that they have hired a henchman Mark (Naan Kadavul Rajendran) to murder Sarvanan's competitor Kasinathan (Karthik), money lender Soodu Baskar, father of Pandi's girl friend (MS Baskar) and Sarvanan's girlfriend Deepika (Neha).

After Kasinathan's death, Rajendran calls Deepak to enquire whether he is happy with the work and then he gets an idea of what happened on that fateful night. Before Deepak finds Rajendran's whereabouts, we are shown that both the money lender and MS Baskar are murdered. Now Deepak has to save his girl friend from the henchman whom he has hired…

Director SN Sakthivel must be appreciated for effectively using Rajendran's comic screen presence and almost all scenes involving the actor evoke good laughter but sadly Rajendran's portions are there for only thirty minutes and before that all we are shown are array of scenes with non-stop dialogues where they have tried too hard to make the film as a laughathon.

As said earlier, the film belongs to Rajendran as he comes out with his trademark dialogue delivery which is sure to be enjoyed by the masses. After Rajendran, Deepak has done an adequate job as the film's protagonist and MS Baskar has done his part well.  Sendrayan has now become a stereotype and the actor should change his body language and dialogue delivery to sustain for a long time.

Technically the film is okay with passable songs and decent cinematography while the theme music of Rajendran is quite catchy. Overall, the last twenty minutes of the Ivanuku Thanila Gandam is enjoyable and it is an one man show by Naan Kadavul Rajendran.

Verdict: Average

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