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Tuesday 02 June 2015

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Prithviraj, Nivin Pauly, Bhavana

By Sridevi Sreedhar

Director Shyamaprasad's Dharmik Films produced Ivide is a moody thriller peppered with an ensemble star cast set in Atlanta, USA. The film tries to fit in a murder mystery and an intense emotional drama involving three lead characters successfully.

Varun Blake (Prithviraj), an American cop of Indian origin, narrates the story. He is an orphan, who was adopted and taken to the US by an American couple when he was 7 years old and is now, a divorcee. His ex-wife, Roshni Mathew (Bhavana) has recently joined an I T firm, which is headed by Krish Hebbar (Nivin Pauly).

Now the confusions begin, as a love triangle and murder mystery is mixed. There is a serial killer out there who is targeting the Indian immigrants and Varun is investigating this complicated case. He is a very confused man, a loner, with serious anger issues and turns violent at times. But he is not a bad guy as he too craves for love and is searching for his identity in a foreign land.

Krish Hebbar is a calculative Brahmin boy from Karnataka who is a hard working, self made man,  on the verge of becoming CEO of an IT company. He falls in love with Roshni and is all set to propose to her when the twist happens. 

Prithviraj scores with his dapper looks and convincingly gets under the skin of the complexed Varun with consummate ease. He undoubtedly leaves his stamp all over the film.  Nivin Pauly experiments with a role out of his comfort zone, but his character is half-baked and loses steam mid-way. Bhavana is apt as Roshni.

On the downside, Ivide moves at snail-pace and the climax is a mess. But despite these small problems, this crime thriller is a far more accomplished than your average Malayalam offering. Every frame is crafted lovingly; the cinematography by Eric Dickinson is stylish and evocative.  Gopi Sundar's two soothing numbers stay in your mind. 

In the end, Ivide has a lot going for it, even if it isn't as fully satisfying as Shyamaprasad's previous works. This is a sprawling, ambitious effort with remarkable attention to detail; a film that deserves to be watched, especially for its masterful film making.

Give it a chance, prepare to be patient, and chances are that it'll stay with you.

Verdict: Watchable

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