Yeh Dooriyan review: Interesting subject; poor execution

Yeh Dooriyan review: Interesting subject; poor execution

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By: Sonia Chopra

Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 27 August 2011

Movie Title

Yeh Dooriyan review: Interesting subject; poor execution



Star Cast

Deepshika Nagpal, Kaisha Arora, Ayub Khan, Salman Khan, Delnaz Paul

Ok, first things first. The film is not bad as it looks. In fact, the film?s story is very relevant and timely.

The Family Court is one of India?s busiest. Divorces are rising; women especially are becoming more and more disillusioned with society?s perception of marriage. They want a fulfilling marriage where they are respected, and are ready to walk out with the kids if abused (a startlingly common crime in India). Children were the main reason why women (and men) put up with abuse in a marriage, but now, it is accepted that children are better off with a single parent, rather than in a volatile home. With the society?s landscape changing and more and more single parents looking at a second shot at matrimony, the film is well-timed and apt.

Simi (Deepshikha), a mother of two, is divorced. Her parents are of the opinion that she needs to settle down again. But Simi is in no hurry. With a successful career as a choreographer and dependable friends, Simi is living it up. She has decided that she?ll remarry only if the man unflinchingly accepts her children as a part of her life.

Eventually, she meets Raj (Kaishav Arora) a model and dancer (the film likes to show him shirtless or in skin-tight tees for the most part). Their romance is sweet. He sings songs for her, gifts her stuff, bonds with the kids. But the two face opposition from all sides. Raj?s mother (Kunika Lal) is vehemently against the relationship. She cites the 'we have to live in society' reason. Ultimately, the young lover balks under pressure and the two split. Meanwhile, Simi?s ex-husband asks her for a second chance. In the end we see Simi attaining self-realization.

Simi?s angst is sensitively portrayed. She questions her boyfriend why it?s ok for a single dad to marry someone younger, but why eyebrows are raised the other way around. The arguments are valid but ineffective on a mother (Kunika Lall) who cannot accept her son marrying a divorced, single mother.

Deepshikha, who has produced, written, casted, acted in, and directed the film makes an honest attempt. Part-autobiographical, she is not afraid to borrow from her own life. However, the film falters staggeringly when it comes to the execution. The two male actors give below-par performances.

The film?s subject could make for an interesting film, if the subject itself was interestingly executed. Worth a watch, only for the interesting subject and a few impactful scenes.

Verdict: Two and a half stars

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