Yeh Hai Jila Ghaziabad

Yeh Hai Jila Ghaziabad

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By: Aarini | member

Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 04 March 2013

Movie Title

Yeh Hai Jila Ghaziabad


Star Cast

Sanjay Dutt, Vivek Oberoi, Charmee, Geeta Basra, Shriya Saran, Ravi Kissen, Paresh Rawal, Divya Dutta

Adventure is a ?Broad? and for all those jumping at the idea of 36? 26? 36? , I was just completing my sentence- it is a ?Broad Term?. So I definitely count watching certain movies in this term too. And to just give it a little more spice 95% junta watching with me was ?Gurjar? Buoys, Oh Yeah! Do not event count on the times when I could not differentiate between on-screen challenges or off-screen ones. It all Began from the Ticket Window, ridiculously it always does, as the girl throated in a firm voice to a Gang of GJ Buoys( will use the term in lieu of not sounding a racist)- This movie if for Above 18 years, please show me an age proof. They responded ? ab hum saath main toh lekar chale na, par hum toh kabke phoot liye ? She gaped looked at me with embarrassment and yet said ? par yeh jo aapke peeche khade hain yeh sab 18 saal ke hain? again comes a response ?t een teen baar toh yeh moonchein ho liin ?. Wo! So that?s what Zila Ghaziabad is all about!! Welcome and seated as the Credit rolled in the preliminaries somebody throated loudly on mobile phone ? Khambe pe se bijlee na aa rahee, check karwa, kal se band hai, kaun ne kaati, s , m * * ?*??

When I had done my R&D before going for the Movie, I realized it was picked up from a True story of a Gang-war and the circumstances that prevailed therein. Somehow dark noir attracts me and to the utmost, reason being spoilt thoroughly by Sarkar and Sarkaraaj; the murky and definite pace of such movies, as the slow politics shapes in dark alleys and shapes into bigger forms. With a storyline which was definitely promising, the movie lacks a direction, and a thread to bind it. It goofs up badly in few places and the biggest one being ? Choice of Keeping Vivek Oberoi vs Arshad Warsi, Its Warsi covering up for Vivek in possibly all places- Secondly The lackluster romantic exchanges of Vivek and the Lady in Question- Thirdly Sanjay Dutt trying a Dabangg or for that matter Dabangg 2 Act. The Movie does have its disturbing queries and sub-plots, but they are not fine tuned, and by the time one issue could be understood, another one raises its head and then gets lost somewhere. Here is a cinema with most promising names of Indian Film Industry and with a strong storyline but a defunct direction and loop-holed script.

For the Music part all I recollect is the title song which will probably play in all the functions and baraats of GJ Buoys for long with others whistling and shaking their booty on ? Yeh hai Jila Ghaziabad ?. To add the part when Sanjay dutt decides to have a ? Chhamiya ? dance and the whole hall shouted in unison ? ho jaaye ?.

My Enlightment is Complete!

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