Jagathy Jagadish in Town

Source: Sify

Critic's Rating: 17/5

Tuesday 29 January 2002

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Jagathy Jagadish in Town



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By Moviebiz

This is one of those utterly hackneyed double role bore. Yes, There are two Jagadish and Jagathy?s making it a double bore.

The director himself does not know what the story is all about. One Jagathy is a cop and the other is a thief. On the other hand one Jagadish is also a cop and the other is a mimicry artist. The twins exchange their roles leading to total confusion, as the bad guy is the home Minister.

Enough suffered and endured, only Nissar can make such brainless movie. A good comedian like Jagathy is totally wasted. No comments about Jagadhish?s buffoonery.

Verdict: Double Bore

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