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Wednesday 21 January 2004

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Prashanth, Thyagarajan, Raj Kiran, Anshu Ambani

Jai, Prashanth?s dream project in the making for more than a year is nothing but old wine in new bottle. Aadi the Telugu original had made a star out of its hero Junior NTR, but in this remake, Prashanth a fine actor is wasted in a formulaic plot.

It is an age-old revenge story where son takes revenge on the killers of his parents after 20 years. Veerapandian (Thyagarajan) is a feudal landlord who leads a happy life with his wife (Bhanupriya) and Jai, his 10-year-old son. One of their relatives Vajravelu (Rajan.P.Dev) does not like Veerapandian?s philanthropic nature and plans to bump him off.

In the process he wipes out the entire family and his trusted lieutenants are sent to jail. Thanks to the loyalty of Nallamuthu (Raj Kiran) the little boy is rescued. Jai (Prashanth) grows up to be a brave youngster and is in love with Nandini (Anshu Ambani) his college mate. After college, Jai goes to the village along with his father?s trusted men and declares war against the all-powerful Vajravelu to get back his land, so that he can distribute it to the poor.

Later Jai comes to know that Nandini is none other than Vajravelu?s daughter. All this leads to a bloody, predictable climax. Prashanth cannot pass himself off as a college student though he is extremely convincing as the revenge seeking one-man-army. His physique and expressions are top class but the script has let him down. Thyagarajan and Raj Kiran have tried their best to prop up the dilapidated screenplay. Anshu Ambani is as wooden as a piece of furniture in the film. Mani Sharma?s music is average.

All the hype about Jai being big budget extravaganza seems out of place as the story is as old as the hills. Simran's appearance in an item number fails to impress. On the whole Prashanth has to try out something new.

Verdict: Tedious

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