Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 08 November 2014

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Arjun, Surveen Chawla

Arjun the original action king is back after a long time with Jaihind2. Arjun plays the macho hero and also directs. It follows the regular Arjun template of the 90?s. The trouble with the film is long winded and preachy.

Arjun hits out at the educational system in the country, where private schools flourish, while nobody wants to study in government run schools. A poor labourer sells his kidney so that his daughter can study in an elite school which charges a lakh of rupees as fees including donations!

Arjun?s character Abhinandan is a Karate teacher and a crusader, who becomes a media made super hero when he recommends the takeover of all private schools by the government. He says ?Right to education? is a fundamental right. The bad guys are owners of private schools who want to eliminate Arjun using a thug!

To add to the woes of the audiences, the film is a bilingual in Tamil and Telugu. So most of the character artists are from Telugu and dubbing is bad. Brahmanandam one of the greatest comedians is reduced to a buffoon in the comedy track.

The only thing going for the film is Arjun and his action scenes which are very well taken. Manobala, Myilsamy and Surveen have hardly anything to do and songs add to the misery

Verdict ? Below Average

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