Jamna Pyaari

Jamna Pyaari



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Sunday 30 August 2015

Movie Title

Jamna Pyaari


Thomas Sebastian

Star Cast

Kunchacko Boban, Gayathri Suresh

Director Thomas Sebastian, who made the eminently forgettable Maya Bazaar almost seven years back, returns with a feel good saga called Jamna Pyaari. 

Kunchacko Boban plays a virtuous auto driver named Vasoottan, who is called by everyone in the village where he lives for virtually any help, until the heroine Parvathy (Gayathri Suresh) makes her appearance. 

From then on, the hero and his gang of friends that includes Joy Mathew, Suraj Venjarammoodu and Neeraj Madhav are entrusted with the task of amassing one hundred ‘Jamna Pyaaris’. Now if you are thinking what on earth does the title mean, well, we are not playing spoilsports by revealing it. The efforts of the gang to reach the magic number make the film’s plot. 

With a wafer thin storyline, which is a rather poor version of the yesteryear film T P Balagopalan M A in certain ways, things are barely convincing. After a while, you just wish that they managed to reach the required number, so that you are relieved from this boring journey. 

In a role that is in his comfort zone, Kunchacko Boban looks fine. He has tried the Thrissur accent, which is regarded as an easy way to glory of late, but it doesn’t work well here. The debutante, Gayathri Suresh, shows confidence but doesn’t impress much with her acting chops. 

The scenes with Suraj Venjarammoodu and Muthumani are fine, but as it turns out they are the best in this otherwise dull film. Joy Mathew repeats his signature style and Neeraj Madhav adds another one to his recent roles of the same pattern.

Jamna Pyaari is one of those films that won’t remain in your mind, even ten minutes after you are done watching it. You will come across better stories than this one even in some of those school magazines. Now decide on your own.

Verdict: Average

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