Jan-E-Man review: A feel good entertainer

Jan-E-Man: A feel good entertainer

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Critic's Rating: 3.5/5/5

Monday 22 November 2021

Movie Title

Jan-E-Man review: A feel good entertainer



Star Cast

Arjun Ashokan, Basil Joseph,Balu Varghese

Director Chidambaram’s Jaan-E-Man is based on an interesting premise where a ‘conflict of emotions’ happen in houses facing each other.

The story begins in Canada where a nurse named Joymon (Basil Joseph) feels lonely, as he lives in the midst of snow. He wants to celebrate his birthday but none of his friends seem keen. 

Joymon decides to come to his hometown and call up his friends to join him for the birthday celebration. His friend, Dr. Faisal (Ganapathy) picks him and arranges a party at their common friend Sampath’s (Arjun Asokan) house. 

Sampath is not really fond of Joymon and he is unaware about the arrangements. He reluctantly agrees to the celebration, which is arranged at the rooftop of his house. 

It all goes fine with a local event manager making the arrangements, but sometime later an old man living in the house right opposite to Sampath, dies. 

The dead man’s family is obviously in a state of shock. His daughter, a pregnant young lady, is shattered and there is no one to help her. His brother Kochu Kunju (Lal) comes a little later, while his son Monichan (Balu Varghese) refuses to come initially. The pain and squabbles happening in the dead man’s house and Joymon’s birthday celebration takes the story ahead. 

With a promising script, which could have been in a different league with a better presentation and some trimming, this one ends up as a fairly engaging drama. The visuals and the music suits the mood.

Lal and Balu Varghese shines as Kochu Kunju and Monichan respectively. Arjun Asokan, Ganapathy, Basil Joseph, Ria Saira and Sidharth Menon are impressive.

Jan-E-Man has its moments but at times the eagerness to bring in humour even during the most inappropriate times pops up as an issue. Even then, this one is a breezy ride that can keep you entertained throughout. Give it a try!

Verdict: A feel-good entertainer




















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