Janatha Garage review: Inspired by 'Godfather' saga

Janatha Garage review: Inspired by 'Godfather' saga

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 02 September 2016

Movie Title

Janatha Garage review: Inspired by 'Godfather' saga


Koratala Siva

Star Cast

Mohanlal, Jr. NTR, Samantha, Nitya, Unni Mukundan

First things first. While going for director Koratala Siva???s Janatha Garage you should tell yourself a couple of times that it's a Telugu movie.

You have to believe that the film's hero is above every law, logic and everything else. He is invincible, emotional and virtuous, with ready to die cronies at his disposal and beautiful girls swooning over him just like that.

The storyline goes like this. In the 1980s Satyam (Mohanlal) sets up the 'Janatha Garage', where it is claimed "all repairs will be done". This obviously means that it not just the vehicles that gets repaired there, it's the miscreants around as well.

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Cut to these times, when Satyam's nephew Anand (Jr. NTR) is an ardent environmentalist based in Mumbai. As fate would have it, he comes to Hyderabad and meets the grand old man. 'Janatha Garage' had by then limited its repairing actions to automobiles alone, but with the entry of our hero, things change and how!

Now the problem is that the thorn in the flesh here is Satyam's only son Rahul (Unni Mukundan). How the mechanics repair this is what takes the story ahead.

It's yet another inspiration from the Godfather saga, with enough dose of heroism, emotions, song n dance and comedy added aplenty.

The inimitable Mohanlal is good and conveys all that his character wants to, through subtle mannerisms. Of course this one is not a real test of his acting chops, but it is nevertheless a decent role that he has got during recent times. Jr. NTR maintains a single expression throughout the film and is mainly at ease during action and dance sequences. Unni Mukundan looks good and it is easily one of his finest performance till date, though there not many for him to boast about in his career.

Samantha and Nitya have nothing but to look good, during their limited screen space. Kajal Aggarwal is there for an item number.

Janatha Garage is tailor made for those who are there to be excited about the hero's antics. Some repair to the script could have genuinely helped here. Watch it if these descriptions cater to your preferences!

Janatha Garage review - Verdict: Mass Masala.

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