Jango review: Watch it for the time loop angle

Jango- Watch it for the time loop angle

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Critic's Rating: 2.5/5

Friday 19 November 2021

Movie Title

Jango review: Watch it for the time loop angle


Mano Karthikeyan

Star Cast

Satheesh Kumar, Mrinalini Ravi, Karunakaran, Hareesh Peradi

A film without any fancy concept must have strong performances, engaging screenplay, and the core emotions should stay intact. A high-concept film like Jango also needs all the factors to make it a compelling watch but the unexplored time loop angle helps engage us here and there although not fully!

Gautham(Satheesh Kumar) is one of the top neurosurgeons in the city but his personal life is not all that great, as he struggles hard to get back the love of his separated wife Nisha (Mrinalini Ravi), a media professional. 

In the meanwhile, Gautham gets stuck in a time loop that he relives every day again and again but also finds out that someone is trying to kill his wife. Will Gautham finds out about the murderer? Can he get out of the time loop? and above all, will he patch up with his wife?

As said earlier, Jango's major highlight is the sci-fi angle that makes us invest but director Mano Kartikeyan has not extracted the best from his actors. Debutant Satheesh Kumar is just okay and has a long way to go, as far as acting goes! Mrinalini Ravi and Hareesh Peradi are adequate while Karunakaran is superb.

While debutant director Mano Kartikeyan has got the concept right, he hasn't effectively portrayed the emotions. We couldn't feel for the separated couple as there is no concrete reason for it. Had the director concentrated more on the performances and engaging screenplay, the film would've been more effective like producer CV Kumar's previous sci-fi flick Indru Netru Naalai that talked about time travel. And those alien spaceships and artificial hearts!!!!

Technically, Ghibran's songs and background score stand out and amplify so many scenes. Karthik K Thillai's cinematography and San Lokesh's editing are also good for a time loop film.

To conclude, Jango can be watched for the time loop angle and other scientific concepts depicted in the film.

Verdict: Watch it for the time loop angle

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Jango- Watch it for the time loop angle

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