Jarugandi Review: A below average film

'Jarugandi' is yet another below average film with a routine screenplay and plot.

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Critic's Rating: 1/5

Friday 26 October 2018

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Jarugandi Review: A below average film



Star Cast

Jai, Reba, Daniel, Illavarasu, Yogi Babu

Gone are the days when filmmakers used to have a wafer-thin storyline and play around the screenplay. Today, the core plot should sound exciting and only then, will the audiences come to theaters. In debutant director Pitchumani’s Jarugandi, both the plot and screenplay are strictly average that the film also ends up being a forgettable venture.

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Satya (Jai) is a lower-middle-class youngster who wants to achieve big. As banks refuse to sanction a loan without proper documents, both Satya and his friend Paari (Daniel Annie Pope) approach a broker Samuel (Ilavarasu) who get them 50 lakhs using forged papers to start a taxi company. A corrupt police officer (Bose Venkat) finds this scam and blackmails Satya and Paari to give him a cut of Rs 10 lakhs or else, he will put them behind the bars.

Meanwhile, in a bar, both Satya and Paari meet a rich guy Gajendran (Robo Shankar) who promised them to give 10 lakhs if they help him to get married with a young girl named Keerthy (Reba Monica). When Satya and Paari kidnap Keerthy, they come to know that another underworld gang is looking for her! Can Satya save Keerthy from the gang and himself from the police officer?

The film doesn’t excite us much because of the routine plot of an ordinary guy in an extraordinary situation. Jai looks fit but he too seems disinterested as he has a single expression throughout the film. Newcomer Reba is just okay and other actors are merely adequate. The comedy episodes of Robo and Daniel fall flat, the villain isn’t convincing and the screenplay moves at various directions with inconsistent pace.

RD Rajasekar’s camera and Bobo Sashi’s songs are the two saving points of the film. Praveen KL has done the edits and he managed to serve the film crisp within 136 minutes.

Overall, Jarugandi is yet another below average film with routine screenplay and plot. Watch it if you have no other option this weekend!

Jarugandi Review - Verdict: Below Average

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