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Monday 14 October 2013

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Kishore, Sukrutha Wagle, Pavana, B.Suresh, Prem Kumar

?Jatta? the trailer of the movie had created a lot of inquisitiveness amongst the viewers. Yes the director has answered the questions of everybody through his movie. A realistic feel film, ?Jatta ? is an answer to all those who are cribbing about not able to watch good movies in Sandalwood. The movie which stands upto the expectation of the viewers has been carved on a very peerless basis. The movie takes us on a tour of conflict of emotions, the wild beauty of the forest and the people living there.

Protagonist Jatta (Kishore) is a forest officer who is under depression because his wife Belli (Pavana) has eloped with her ex boyfriend. The over affection and the love showered by him is shown to be the reason for her eloping. His meeting with a fortune-teller (B.Suresh) who tells him that too much of freedom given to a woman has resulted in such a situation urges Jatta to develop a hatred feeling towards women.

Jatta?s reaction when he is told that he could control the wild animals but couldn?t control his wife is worth watching onscreen. During this phase Jatta has an encounter with a girl driving from the city (Sukrutha Wagle) under the influence of alcohol who is stubborn and a spoilt brat but bold by nature. The budding hateredness towards women drives Jatta?s ego to teach this girl a lesson for life. Meanwhile Belli returns to Jatta. What are the emotional turmoils Jatta faces and how he handles both the women in life should be seen onscreen.

Director Giriraj has given an out and out thriller cum action movie and has won in his experiment. Kudos to actor Kishore, who has got into the skin of the character to deliver an excellent performance. Pavana though does not have a much screen appearance has performed well. Sukrutha has won the hearts of many through her sheer rugged performance. Music by Ashley-Abilash is apt to the sequence and the movie is worth a watch for a long weekend.

Verdict: Good

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